Best Snowboard Gloves 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Mountain Warehouse2. Tolemi3. Mcti
Mountain Warehouse Best Snowboard Glove


Mcti Winter Gloves


There are people who live for the thrills of life and going snowboarding provides them the correct rush of adrenaline. The pristine white snow surrounding them as they make the jump from one slope to another nothing can beat that.

Whether a newbie or a pro, people involved with mountain sports knows the benefits of opting for the correct gear because snow is not as forgiving as other elements of Mother Nature.

Thus, opting for the best snowboard gloves when it comes to skiing will help you not only keep the frostbite away but also get a better grip on your board when you are making turns or doing a cartwheel for show-off.


With the plethora of choices, finding that one true pair might get a bit difficult, hence we have put together a comprehensive guide to help you make an informed decision and enjoy the sports with the proper gear.

Along with our best picks in the guide we have listed many factors and facts regarding best snowboard gloves.

Top 10 Best Snowboard Gloves 2020

1. Mountain Warehouse

Mountain Warehouse Best Snowboard GloveWhen you are into the game, you often tend to forget your surroundings. Do not let cold bite you back to reality with the Mountain Warehouse’s snowboard gloves. Made keeping the shape and size of women’s hands, these gloves are made from 100% polyester that keeps you warm and waterproof.

In fact, these gloves have undergone a 24 hour water test and have proved to withstand 5000 mm of rainfall. That said, the moisture within is allowed to leave as the gloves are breathable to keep your hands warm and dry. The palms are textured to provide you with a better and more secured grip.


  • Waterproof gloves to keep you warm and dry no matter how hard it’s snowing
  • Cuffs are made stretchable so that fit is more secure
  • Gloves are breathable
  • Textured palms for a better grip
  • Available in three different sizes
  • Palms also has air vents to keep your hands free from condensation


  • Some find the gloves to be expensive

2. Tolemi

TolemiIf you like to capture your snowboarding moments live and share them with your world then you need to opt for gloves that offer you the freedom to use your touch sensitive devices without having to open your gloves. That is exactly what Tolemi offers with their 3M insulated snowboard gloves.

These gloves are made from PU leather and fleece, extending up to the cuffs, that provides warmth no matter which conditions you are snowboarding in. a layer of TPU provides better waterproofing and enhances the insulation so that your fingers work even when the surrounding temperatures drop to -20 degrees C. the index fingers of the gloves comes coated with a conductive material that allows you to operate touchscreen devices easily.


  • Leather PU and fleece provides the perfect warm and moisture wicking gloves
  • Comes with elastic wrists that is double shirred for better insulation
  • Index fingers are made to operate touchscreen devices
  • Palms comes laced with PU leather to get a better and anti-slip grip
  • Lightweight and comfortably functional gloves


  • Fleece to PU ratio needs to be improved for better warmth provision

3. Mcti Winter Gloves

Mcti Winter GlovesIf you belong to the group of people who tend to lose their gloves then you need to give MCTi gloves a try.

Considered to be amongst the best snowboard gloves available these are made from a mixture of 140g of warm cotton and 40g of 3M insulate material to provide you with warm gloves that are on the slimmer side and weighs negligible.

Thus, these gloves come with connected hooks to avoid misplacing one.

To make them waterproof, the gloves come with 3 layer coating made of composite softshell along with TPU. This makes the gloves waterproof and able to keep hands dry with their moisture wicking ability.

The highlight of these gloves is the zippered pocket found on top that is ideal to store keys, cards, or emergency cash. The gloves also boast of adjustable buckles on the wrists to make the gloves fit like second skin.


  • Lightweight and warm gloves
  • Palms are made of nubuck leather with finger tips having reinforced rubber for better wear resistance
  • Thumb features velvet lining that helps wipe lens
  • Glove top features a zip pocket to keep emergency items
  • Comes with lining that has heat holding properties to keep your hands and fingers warm
  • The polyester liner also keep the hands breathable and fresh


  • Size chart is not accurate as fit is a concern for many buyers
  • Drying the gloves is a time consuming process

4. Mcti Waterproof Gauntlets

Mcti Waterproof GauntletsSnowboarding is a sport that required you to fall a 100 times and get up 101 times. When you are traversing different slopes and falling down, you need to have gloves that will take the impact of the fall so that you can learn to get up.

With the cushioned palms made with reinforced PU leather, double sutured, and 3mm foam cushion these MCTi gloves provides you the best snowboard gloves, especially if you are a beginner.

The gloves have a gauntlet design with elastic drawstring and Velcro buckle that keeps the snow out of the gloves. The gloves come with G-type insulation with 150g of 3M thinsulate inserts (thermatech insulation) that keeps the hands warm even at -20 degrees C.

Their moisture wicking feature, known as Fan-Tex, features a waterproof TPU membrane that keeps the hands waterproof while enabling air circulation thus improving breathability. The gloves liners are soft but are efficient to keep the cold out and heat in.


  • Palms are made from shock absorbent cushions to prevent wear and tear
  • Fingers are made of 3D curved leather that improves grip
  • Wrist straps provides for a better fit
  • Flexible and lightweight gloves that are breathable
  • TPU and softshell coating provides for a double barrier against water


  • Takes more than 2 days to be completely dry once water seeps inside
  • Some people find the gloves to be too warm for comfort

5. Mcti Multipurpose Gloves

Mcti Multipurpose GlovesIf you are into multiple sports then opting for a pair of gloves that will seamlessly make the transition from snowboarding to motor biking will be your greatest ally.

Made from 140g of warm cotton with a covering of 40g on 3M thinsulate material, these gloves are light in weight but provide good waterproofing while keeping the moisture out of the inside to keep your hands dry and fresh.

The outer covering of the gloves features a breathable membrane made of TPU and composite outershell along with the thinsulate membrane to allow better breathability while keeping the snow and rain out.

The palms and fingers are made from abrasion resistant PU leather and soft rubber. This along with the 3D curved design for the fingers provides for a better grip.


  • A zippered pocket is added to stack emergency items
  • Elastic wrists with one pull closure provides for a customized fit
  • Reinforced rubber fingertips for better grip
  • Lightweight and sleek design
  • Three layer outer membrane for better waterproofing and breathability
  • Keeps hands warm thanks to the warm cotton insulation


  • Not ideal for really cold weather
  • The inner of the gloves takes time to dry completely

6. Unigear Thermal Gloves

Unigear Thermal GlovesSnowboarding is all about balancing and taking on the slopes like you were born to do. In order to help you achieve that, you need proper gloves and Unigear strives to provide just that.

Made of 100g high density cotton along with 40g of G-type thinsulate provides warmth to keep your finger functional no matter the temperature outside.

The skin friendly MILK fibres provides for the inner insulation layer not only enhances the warmth but also provides for better breathability. The palms and fingers are made of PU leather that makes the gloves flexible, comfortable and resistant to slipping and wears.

The thumb and index finger of the gloves also come with a layer of conductive Pu membrane that enables you to operate touch sensitive devices without the need to take off your gloves.


  • Light weight gloves that are warm and waterproof
  • Ideal for any type of snow sports
  • Drawstring and adjustable wrist straps for better insulation and windproofing
  • Surface of gloves made waterproof with fabric injected with DWR
  • Finger joints comes with diving material to make bending easy
  • Top comes with light reflective trip for high visibility


  • Fit is not as per the chart, need to purchase a size bigger
  • Tends to get wet quickly

7. RedMaple Warm Gloves

RedMaple Warm GlovesIf you are looking for the best snowboard gloves at an affordable price range then you can give RedMaple’s gloves a try. Falling within £10 along with free delivery, these gloves are ideal for cold temperatures and wet weather.

The outer is made from waterproof ISO 4 layer with another later of TPU membrane to make the gloves breathable and water resistant.

The velvet inner layer makes the gloves comfortable to don and the fibrefill lining provides great insulation without weighing the gloves – and your hands – down.

The PU leather on the palms provides for better grip and flexibility along with keeping your hands warm. The cuffs are stretchable and the wrists come with adjustable straps that helps keep the gloves free from wind and fit perfectly.


  • Comes with detachable hooks to prevent misplacing the gloves
  • Velvet inner provides great comfort and warmth
  • ISO 4 waterproofing layer helps repel water better
  • Comes with palm grips for better grip
  • Cuffs has elastic ropes that helps tighten the gloves as per comfort


  • Wrist straps need to be made of better and durable material

8. Songwin Exposed Finger Design

Songwin Exposed Finger DesignIf you are kind who likes to own a pair of gloves that will travel with you through various activities like skiing, snowboards, fishing or hunting then Songwin should feature in your shortlist.

The polyester gloves comes with a hybrid filling of 3M thinsulate cotton made in USA and HIPOPA glove inserts from Korea. This combination makes the gloves breathable, waterproof, and properly insulated to keep your hands warm and help you enjoy your outdoor activities.

The thumb and index fingers has hidden suction clasps that helps detach the cover to expose the fingers. This makes operating delicate matters like high calibration devices easier without the need to remove the gloves. The cuff sports adjustable Velcro straps that help you tighten the gloves as per your needs.


  • Versatile gloves with exposable fingers
  • Hybrid insulation layer for better breathability and water resistance
  • Palms come with non-slip design
  • Comes with hooks to prevent misplacing of gloves
  • Adjustable and functional design


  • People with smaller hands will not find these gloves beneficial in terms of fit

9. Coskefy

CoskefyIf you are looking to add some colour to your outdoor activities then coskefy offers you a great range in terms of designs and at a really affordable rate. But do not let the designs fool you for these gloves are made to provide you with comfort, waterproofing, and flexibility.

These gloves have the capacity to withstand temperatures as cold as -30 degrees C thanks to the 50g of 3M thinsulate material along with 140g of warm cotton. A TPU membrane lining makes these gloves breathable and water resistant.

The shirred wrists help keep the gloves well-fitted. The gloves also features adjustable strap buckles that provides you with the advantage of tighter fit to keep the wind and cold out without losing on the heat.


  • Multifunctional and affordable gloves with sleek design
  • Water resistant and breathable insulating material used
  • Palms are made of PU leather for non-slip feature
  • Fingers comes with reinforced rubber for better grip
  • Polyester outer shell for better wind proof feature


  • Not very durable as compared to other products
  • Some fond the gloves to be moderately flexible

10. Andake Warm Gloves

Andake Warm GlovesSleek and simple gloves will be an instant hit if you are the kind who wants beginners’ gloves for your snow activities. These Andake gloves outershell is made combining gabardine and TPU that provides the sleek look along with waterproof features.

These gloves are known to be functional even after withstanding 3000 mm of rainfall. The velvet inner along with a TPU membrane makes the gloves comfortable and helps keep your hands dry with its moisture wicking feature.

The gloves boast of thinsulate insulation that keeps the hand warm without compromising on breathability. The palms come with PU leather along with rubber dots that makes their anti-slip feature stand out.


  • Gloves come with fingertips that are eligible to operate touchscreen devices
  • Adjustable strap buckles allows you to adjust the fitting of the gloves
  • Rubber dotted fingers enables better grip
  • Made from 65% polyester and 35% olefin that makes them last long
  • Flannel lining makes donning the gloves for long time comfortable


  • Not suitable for very cold weather

Factors To Look For When Buying Best Snowboard Glove

While you have read about the top 10 best snowboard gloves, you might still find yourself confused as to which pair you should invest in. following are some of the critical factors to help you make a smart and well-informed choice:

1. Insulation

When you are snowboarding in a resort provided arena versus when you are traversing the wild snowy terrains, the retention of your digits will depend on the insulation provided by your gloves.

Usually gloves insulation is measured in grams and the higher that number, the better insulation you will receive. That said, often the insulation materials too play a vital role along with the materials used to construct the inner and outer shell.

Opt for velvet inner as they are warmer and coupled with TPU they also provide good moisture wicking. This will come in handy when you are snowboarding for longer duration.

2. Type Of Liners

While you are looking at the insulation, also make note of the liner that comes with the gloves and whether they are of the removable kind or not. The liners along with the insulation take on most of the features of the gloves.

They are not only responsible for keeping your hands warm but also dry, thus they absorb the sweat generated by your hands. The benefit of having removable liners is that you can dry them faster or adjust your gloves to work at warmer temperatures.

While there are cotton liners, thermal liners, and polyester liners available, you need to make the choice based on your activity level.

3. Waterproof Features

The need for waterproofing is that when you are working through layers of snow, the difference in temperatures will make some of the snow melt and if they seep into your gloves not only will you become uncomfortable but in extreme cases hypothermia will set in.

While gloves may not be completely waterproof unless they are made from Gore-Tex, look for water resistance features and IP ratings of the materials used.

This will not only prevent water from making home in your gloves but also provide you with breathability so that your hands remain fresh. You can also look at gloves that have air vents that enhance air circulation.

4. Cuff Length

The cuff is the area that extends from the wrist to the forearm and the cuff length will help determine not only the fit but also whether the gloves will go above the jacket sleeve or inside.

This is purely dependent on your comfort level and if you will not get too warm because longer cuff length will make the gloves go inside the sleeves and removing them will become a task.

5. Palm Material

While the upper part of the gloves faces the elements of nature it is the inside of the hand that bears your weight and provides for grip. The palm and fingertip material needs to be not only well cushioned but also made from rubber that will be resistant to abrasion and provide you with a great grip. The fingertips can also be removable or come lined with touch sensitivity to help you handle devices.

FAQs on Snowboard Gloves

1. Do I Need Hand Warmers With Snowboard Gloves?

The answer really depends on the kind of person you are and your tolerance of cold. Normally after rigorous snowboarding you will feel pretty warm so you can look for gloves that come with shorter cuffs so that you can slip in or remove the warmers as per your convenience.

2. Which Is Best – Over Gloves Or Under Gloves?

Over gloves are the ones which has a wider cuff and are slipped over jackets while under gloves slips inside the sleeves. Each has their own fan base but if you are a beginner at snowboarding, opt for under gloves to prevent snow from slipping inside the gloves.

3. Should I Opt For Elastic Strapped Cuffs Or Drawstrings?

There are gloves that offer both and if you wish to use your gloves for other snow activities then having both these features will only help keep your gloves well fitted and secure.

4. Are Padded Gloves Required For Snowboarding?

If you are a beginner then it is advised that you opt for padded gloves. This will prevent your wrist from bearing the shock of the fall.

5. Should I Opt For Cinch Straps?

Cinch straps will help you have your gloves fit better, especially around your fingers. So yes you can opt for cinch straps.

6. Are These Gloves Washable?

Most of the gloves are easily washable but you must ensure to read user manual for the instructions before you

Best Snowboard Gloves – Conclusion

When you are partaking in exciting sports like snowboarding, you need to enjoy yourself above everything else and thus you need to take the gloves with equal seriousness because you will longer hours in the snowy slopes of a mountain.

With the proper board, and the best snowboard gloves you are bound to not only conquer some good slopes but also make great memories. All the gloves that are listed here are top class snowboard gloves that will keep your hands warm and comfortable.