Best Ski Bags 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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AmazonBasis Best Ski Bag

Athletico Mogul

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Skiing is among the world’s most popular sports. It is a way to move over the snow and it is an activity enjoyed by millions of people of all ages. Skiing offers a great way to discover new places in the world. Essential gears and prior planning are necessary to enhance performance while skiing.

When you’re travelling to the mountains, best ski bag protect your equipment, baggage handlers can’t always careful with your equipment, which is why it’s important to have a quality ski bag. Most ski bags have extra room to store your outerwear or boots, and they’re a great way to organize your entire gear.


While travelling by airline you have to inform the airline prior as they have a different policy regarding flying with skis. It can be tricky to travel with the ski gear. They are expensive, bulky and burdensome.

And you can only really master the complexities of ski travel by counting serious hours in transit. We have prepared a list for you of the best ski bags along with their crucial factors to help you make an informed purchasing decision.

Top 10 Best Ski Bags 2020

1. AmazonBasis

AmazonBasis Best Ski BagThe AmazonBasis ski bag has all the premium features required for an ideal ski bag. You can safely carry your gears to the snow with a double padded ski bag. The long, cylindrical-shaped ski bag can hold up to two pairs of skis, up to 1.84 meters in length.

Full end-to-end padding helps to keep expensive gears supremely secure from hits and bumps. It also contains a full-width self-repairing nylon-coil zipper to quickly store skis inside the bag and then easily access later.

This ski bag comes with a padded carry handle for easy carrying along with a pocket for storage. It has side loop handles that connect in the centre with a padded grip for easy carrying. A strap is also added on the end for extra comfort. A zippered pocket on the outside is provided to quickly access and store smaller items.

It is, without a doubt, the most robust bag you can find as it is made of 1680D high-density denier dual weave polyester which provides durable, long-lasting strength. It has a strong fabric and robust overall structure that can withstand any rough use. Moreover, the waterproof backing keeps your gears cool and dry neatly stored after a long day of skiing.


  • Double padded ski bags
  • Made of 1680D high-density denier dual weave polyester
  • Padded handles
  • End to end padding in the interior


  • Design is too basic

2. Athletico Mogul

Athletico MogulThe Athletico Mogul Padded Ski Bag – Fully Padded Single Ski Travel Bag is designed to keep your essential ski equipment safe, dry, and within arm’s length.

This ski bag is fully padded to protect your skis and ski equipment from getting damaged while travelling by train, car, or plane. The lightweight design and 5mm foam padding throughout the bag is designed to secure the inner contents of this bag.

This ski bag is built to last, as it is designed with 600 Deniers water-resistant polyester. It can keep all your skiing gears and the skis safe from all external factors.

It is ergonomically designed; with a large spacious main compartment and the padded handles make carrying this ski bag easy. The adjustable double buckle, compression straps protect the inner contents of this ski bag.

The versatile ski bag features a full-length wrap-around zipper for easy sliding of your skis or other gear such as ski poles, goggles, pants, and jackets. Other features include a padded, easy to carry handle. The neoprene soft-touch handle secures the double carrying straps, giving you the best transportation experience.


  • Double, buckle compression straps to secure contents
  • Made with 600 Deniers water-resistant polyester
  • Made with a large spacious main compartment
  • Full-length wrap-around zipper


  • Not fit for purpose

3. Athletico Padded

Athletico PaddedThis well-made sturdy ski bag combo deal is ideal for transporting skis especially for people with a limited budget. It is a very useful combo you can store all the essential skiing gears and the skis in one place.

This ski bag can fit skis with a length of up to 200 cm. The ski bag and boot bag both contain 5mm foam padding to protect all the skiing gears and skis during long travel.

The unique roll-top design and the double compression straps allow you to customize the length of the bag to fit your skis perfectly. It is spacious enough to pack inside your cap, pants, gloves, or goggles too.

The unique roll-top design for shorter skis allows you to reduce the length. The boot bag can fit up to the size 13 of most ski boots.

This skiing bag is made with high-density polyester with waterproof backing. The removable shoulder straps and carrying handle makes carrying this bag easy. The boot bag contains a mesh side pocket for storing additional equipment.

The flexible ski sleeve features a 3/4-long wrap-around zipper for fast sliding of your skis or other accessories such as helmet, ski poles, goggles, pants, and jacket.


  • Padded boot and ski bag
  • A high-density polyester with waterproof backing
  • Removable shoulder straps
  • A 3/4-long wrap-around zipper


  • The material can get ripped easily

4. Dakine

DakineDakine Fall Line Ski Roller Bag is one of the most popular and durable skiing bags you can buy currently. It is lightweight and has all the essential features required in a great skiing bag. This skiing bag can easily fit two pairs of skis, a set of poles, and also contains a detachable boot bag.

This bag offers a perfect storage solution for all kinds of skiing trips. The towing handle pairs with a rolling bag, for one-hand navigation, while travelling through hotel or airport lobby. A YKK lockable zipper pocket can be used to store items like gloves, papers, or magazines.

This skiing bag also features a 360° padded ski protection, removable boot bag, durable, over-sized 9cm urethane wheels, and dual end carry handles for easy carrying.


  • 360 padded ski protection
  • Removable boot bag
  • YKK lockable main zipper


  • Very thin padding

5. Leki Pole Bag

Leki Pole BagLeki pole bag is specifically designed to make travelling with your trekking poles convenient. This pole bag can comfortably hold a pair of trekking poles. It also contains adjustable carry straps for convenient carrying. You can easily store poles up to 90 cm of length in this bag.

Leki pole bag is made with heavy-duty polyester and is equipped with a daisy chain on the outside and a shoulder strap. It has a protective case with Leki lettering and an optical rounded in contrasting colours.


  • Can hold a pair of trekking poles
  • Carry Straps
  • Holds poles up to 90cm in length


  • The clasp is easily jammed

6. Sportube Series

Sportube SeriesThis hard-sided telescopic ski case from Sportube Series is made with HDPE plastic case, which provides the best protection to valuable ski equipment’s while travelling in aeroplanes, trains, bus or cars. To make this case easier to carry, it is fitted with strong and durable two wheels, that are placed at the bottom to enhance the navigation and carry it effortlessly through airport or train stations.

The Sportube Series Ski Blaze Hard Sided Telescopic Ski Case offers strong and lightweight protection for one pair of skis and poles while travelling. For additional protection both the ends of the case are padded to ensure your gears stay protected when you do have to put in on end.

The aerodynamic design of this Ski case can help in quick and easy strapping to a roof rack. The adjustment points are lockable for enhancing security while travelling you can be sure the case doesn’t extend on its own.


  • HDPE plastic case
  • Wheels for improved manoeuvrability
  • Padded at both ends for additional protection
  • Lockable for added security
  • Aerodynamic design


  • The pin to keep the unit shut look flimsy and needs to be replaced

7. Lokker

LokkerThis is a well-constructed, excellent quality ski bag, you can easily store skis, helmets and even clothes in this ski bag. This bag comes with good capacity and quality. It has a tough rubberized handle and super glide wheels which rolls nicely which makes dragging and carrying it easier and it can also last many sports seasons.

The Lokker extra-long double wheelie ski bag is large and spacious enough to fit 2 to 3 sets of skis with attached bindings for a whole load of other gears or a mix of snowboard and skis. This bag is tough and fully padded from tip to tail. The bag has a semi-rigid end to protect your equipment while in transport.

This bag is made of 600D Ripstop Nylon and also features full-length bomb-proof zip and a side stash pocket. The bag size is 180cm long and 30cm in diameter. The total capacity of this bag is 120 litres. This bag is double stitched and made with the highest standards and is ready to take all your essential gears safely to the snow.


  • Full-length bomb-proof zip
  • Super glide wheels
  • Tough rubberized handle


  • Wheels are too small

8. Mountain Pac TSE

Mountain Pac TSEMountain Pac TSE Double Ski Bags are sturdy and offer excellent value for money. These are ideal skiing bags for travelling to and from the mountains. It can perfectly fit all your skiing gear and skis. This bag can take care of storing and transporting skis safely with an internal length of 185 cm. This impressive bag can hold two pairs of skis and poles.

This ski bag is made with durable 600D Polyester Oxford outer cover. It is lightweight and has the sports emporium embroidered graphics and twin width adjuster straps. The adjustable padded shoulder straps are also detachable and contain the right amount of padding. It also has a middle grab handles with velcro retainers for easy carrying.


  • Durable 600D Polyester Oxford outer
  • Carries two pairs of skis
  • Padded mid-section to protect bindings
  • Twin width adjuster straps


  • Padding is thin and only in mid-section

9. Marsupio Kangaroo

Marsupio KangarooThis bag is perfect for carrying a pair of skis. It is ultra-lightweight yet spacious enough to comfortably store your skis. It is available at a very reasonable price and hence ideal for storing skis without spending a fortune.

This is a simple waterproof black bag of size 180cm. It is waterproof and will not make your car wet during transport. It is made of light material with functional lace closure. This lightweight ski rack bag also has a side opening to the bag. This bag offers great value for money.


  • Hold a pair of skis
  • Side opening to the bag
  • Ultra-lightweight


  • Don’t have a carry handle
  • Too narrow and hard

10. Tse Double Ski Bag

Tse Double Ski BagTSE DOUBLE Ski Bag has strong high-quality construction and can withstand even rugged handling. This bag can easily fit two pairs of skis up to 185cm long plus the poles. It also comes with adjustable shoulder straps and middle grab handles with velcro retainer for easy carrying.

These Bag features a padded mid-section to protect the bindings and twin width adjuster straps with embroidered graphics. The bag has a padded central binding section to protect your precious skis from bangs and bumps on the road.

This bag is made with a durable 600D Polyester Oxford Ripstop outer cover and has a lockable zip, provided with a small padlock with the quality embroidered finish. The full dimensions of the bag are 188cm x 14cm x 42cm.


  • Padded mid-section to protect bindings
  • Durable 600D Polyester Oxford Ripstop outer


  • Padding is limited

Factors To Consider While Buying The Best Ski Bag

The expensive skis and skiing gears are your treasured gear pieces and need safety through all this, hence purchasing a high-quality best ski bag is the best decision you can make right now. Let us check some of the factors you need to consider while buying the best ski bag.

1. Wheels

When moving to and from the airport and around the ski resort, it is handy to have wheels on your ski bag. Wheeled Ski Bags are also the most comfortable for long-distance hauling.

This bag style uses a long-lasting set of wheels at the bottom and a robust handle at the opposite end, which allows you to pull your gear through the airport. This style is usually one of the largest bag types able to accommodate several sets of skis.

2. Non Wheeled Ski Bags

Non-Wheeled Ski Bags can hold one or two pairs of skis with them. This ski bag style isn’t as easy for you to travel through the airport, and might be the best fit for road trips or shorter trips where you may not be carrying a full range of equipment.

3. Padding

The more comfortable your ski bag is fitted the better it protects your ski equipment. Therefore, you want a fully padded ski bag if you are travelling by air.

The more padded bags are both more costly and less rigid, so fewer durable ski bags might be safer if you’re travelling by car, i.e. easier to fit in either trunk or ski rack.

4. Zipper

The quality zipper is important because zippers are one of the weakest links for all luggage. Solid and flexible coil zippers are typically used for tents which also makes them the perfect zipper for your ski bags.

5. Size And Fit

The skis must fit in the ski bag so measuring your skis is the first thing you need to do. The dimensions can be found at the top of your skis or snowboard.

FAQs on Ski Bags

1. What Are The Differences Between Snowboarding And Skiing Bags?

Most ski and snowboard bags use the same materials, have the same features and same prices. The great differences between the two are the dimensions. Ski bags tend to be wider and narrower. Ski bags can range from 165 cm to 210 cm in length, while snowboard bags are typically shorter and larger.

2. Is It Worth Buying A Wheeled Bag?

Yes. Especially if you carry more than one set of skis which are too heavy and bulky to carry around the airport. It might look a little awkward to wheel your bag around but it’s thousand times more enjoyable and easier to handle.

3. Do Airlines Carry Ski Bags?

When you decide to travel with your skis, check your luggage limits and rates since skis can often be counted as a free piece of checked baggage, or it could cost you $75 +. Subsequently you should find out which airline would be the better choice when you include the expense of a ski boot bag and a ski case.

4. What Is The Ideal Weight Of The Best Ski Bags?

Best Ski bag should be as light as possible. This is particularly important when you can’t wheel your ski bag. Soft bags are usually between 3-10 lbs (1.4-4.5 kg) and 7-14 lbs (3.2-6.4 kg) hard case.

5. Which Bags Are Better Wheeled Or Non-wheeled?

Wheeled bag are definitely better but the quality of the wheels should be good.

6. What Is The Ideal Material Of The Wheels?

Ideally you should buy inline skate wheels. You should also check how easy it is to move them, how easy it is to fasten the wheels to the case of the luggage and whether the wheels are secured.

Select The Best Ski Bags For Greater Comfort

The best ski bag is important to protect your precious skiing gears and skis while travelling on a long-distance journey. Before buying the bag check if you will need a bag very often or occasionally and how many skis are you planning to carry on your next skiing trip.

Are you travelling by train, plane, or car? then select the best ski bag as per your requirements. We have provided the list of top ten best ski bags along with the important factors to consider while buying a bag to make a very informed decision.