Best Beginner Skis 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Gpo Snowblade2. Volkl Deacon3. Gpo Snowblade Figl
Gpo Snowblade Snowkid Best Beginner Ski

Volkl Deacon 7.4 Red Ski

Gpo Snowblade Racing Figl


Skiing is a recreational sport on snow that was formerly used for transportation in snowy areas. However, these days, it is considered more of a sport and not only a transportation medium.

Mostly, a skier moves over the snow by using long flat runners of plastic, metal, or wood that is little bend in the shape of curve in the upward direction in front. These best beginner ski sometimes come with attached boot to wear in while gliding on the snow.


A skier, whether beginner or experienced, is always on the look out for the best ski for them. The beginners, especially, are more concerned about finding the apt ski, considering varied physical aspects, including their shape, width, and weight.

If you are a beginner skier and looking for the best beginner skis available in the market, then we have enlisted top 9 beginner level skis you can choose from.

We have also described a few factors you must look for while making your final decision, along with some other useful information.

Top 9 Best Beginner Skis 2020

1. Gpo Snowblade Snowkid

Gpo Snowblade Snowkid Best Beginner SkiThis 99 cm Long Big Foot Ski is a unisex ski designed by GPO. These skis are not only best in terms of performance, but also in appearance. The GPO, a family company of Austria, has followed its tradition of manufacturing the best snowblades rolling on the snowy slopes. Its safety binding designed by Tyrolia has a range of 263-351 mm.

Dimensions are L x W x Radius = 99cm x 106-79-98 mm x 6.5 m. The customers have expressed their happiness with the functionality of these beginner skis. The sandwiched core made up of wood and the torsion box guarantees sturdiness and firmness in varied conditions.


  • Unisex product
  • Good-looking in appearance
  • Best in performance
  • Sandwiched core created from wood and torsion box


  • Some skiers may find it little small compared to the speed they desire while skiing

2. Volkl Deacon 7.4 Red Ski

Volkl Deacon 7.4 Red SkiThis full sensor wood core ski by Volkl is developed by using compact wooden core from top most end to the last of the ski. It provides power and energy to the total wooden body of the ski, thereby enabling the skier to glide down the slopes with more power.

It comes with a healthy and ultra-high molecular polyethylene coating with high density wear and tear resistance. This enables a skier to experience good gliding properties without any risk of damage.

The ski is designed with variable shovel area and moderate skirt height. Its pre-stretched area below foot space as well as the end point of the ski supports the beginners in having an excellent skiing experience. It has binding area of 10 80 mm and the sidecut is at 163 cm and 14.5m radius. The weight of the total ski is 2520g.


  • Good looks
  • Contains compact wooden core
  • Comes with ultra-high molecular polyethylene coating
  • High density wear and tear resistance
  • Suitable for slope terrains
  • Available in multiple sizes


  • It is available in only one colour, i.e. red

3. Gpo Snowblade Racing Figl

Gpo Snowblade Racing FiglThis 65 cm Long Big-Foot Ski is a unisex ski designed by GPO. These skis are most liked by the beginner skiers for both their appearance and performance. The GPO adheres to its manufacturing tradition of making the best snowblades to ski on the slopes of snow. The binding dimensions of the ski are L: 65 cm, R: 5.78 m, W: 100-93-96.

You will surely enjoy your ski races with this wooden sandwich designed with all-round edge and racing coating. This innovative design offers high durability and perfect driving characteristics to the skier.


  • Unisex product
  • Stylish look
  • High performance
  • Wooden sandwich designed with all-round edge and racing coating
  • Maximum safety features
  • Microphone adjustment to fit every foot size
  • Suitable for kids as well as adults


  • Small length as compared to other skis available in the market

4. Fischer RC Fire SLR Pro

Fischer RC Fire SLR ProThis RC Fire ski is the latest design by the Fischer for the year 2020. It almost comprises everything required in an alpine ski. It is an extremely stable product with composite frame construction with Ceradur and reinforced edges.

Its beautiful butter-like carving abilities aids you in enjoying the skiing adventure on the snowy slopes. You will definitely love its air power construction with Fibertech, SLR 2-plate design that provides it the required sturdiness for the speed and power you feel while skiing on snow.

It has the side cut at 117.5-73-100 with radius: 15 m (at 160 cm length). It comes in three different sizes or lengths. RS9 SLR binding is used for this ski.


  • Latest design
  • Good looks
  • Composite frame construction with Ceradur and reinforced edges
  • Smooth carving abilities
  • Highly stable
  • Excellent edge hold


  • Side surface may rust if not properly maintained

5. Atomic Vantage 77 TI Men’s Ski

tomic Vantage 77 TI Men's SkiThis ski is appreciated more among the beginner skiers because it is light in weight and has control of the skier while skiing. The 77 mm waistline of the ski makes it look sporty slim, which makes it an outstanding product in the market.

The carbon tank mesh aids in giving it more stability while gliding on the snowy slopes. You will surely like this product, because it is made up of light weight wood at its core that makes it easy to carry your ski.


  • Light in weight
  • High control level while skiing
  • Sporty look with slim design
  • Maximum stability due carbon tank mesh
  • Excellent grip-walk compatible system
  • High performing on hard snow as well


  • There are no variations in size

6. Blizzard Ski RTX

Blizzard Ski RTXThis ski is recommended by most of skiers owing to its latest innovative model, which is suitable for both beginners and professional skiers. You will enjoy your skiing adventure with its sandwich compound sidewall and wooden core. You will get extra fun by skiing with this ski that is combined with optimal driving and control behaviour.

It guarantees durability along with a scratch-resistant surface. It is designed with a rounded top edge. It lets you enjoy more while taking turnarounds and gliding on the slopes.


  • Latest innovative model design
  • Optimal driving and control while skiing
  • Guaranteed durability
  • Scratch-free surface
  • Rounded top edge
  • Aids in taking smooth turnarounds
  • Available in two different sizes
  • Suitable for all types of slopes
  • High performance
  • Light construction


  • There are no other colour variations

7. Rossignol Unique 8 Skis

Rossignol Unique 8 SkisThis Unique 8 ski developed by Rossignol is an ultra-light weight, high performance women’s carving ski for beginner skiers. The beginners will for sure enjoy having a ride on the snowy slopes with this ski.

This ski is designed to combine the traditional frontside power with the soft tip rocker by using the power turn rocker. Its innovative design enables the skier to enjoy smooth turnovers on the snowy slopes.

The ski has been created with ultra-light air core, which has reduced its weight by 20%, thereby giving a confidence to the skiers to glide downhill with fatigue-free, user-friendly manoeuvrability.

The new and innovative air shape and echo-for-life construction with VAS linen fibres give it sustainable frontside design.


  • Ultra-light weight
  • High performance for women skiers
  • Allows smooth turnovers on the slopes
  • Suitable for advanced level skiers as well
  • Easy to use
  • Cause less fatigue
  • Easy to carry
  • Eco-friendly design


  • A little over-sized for beginners

8. Fischer RC4 Race Jr

Fischer RC4 Race JrThis ski is specially designed for your juniors. This Fischer RC4 Race Jr. is formulated with air power core technology by Fischer, which empowers it with less density for lighter weight skiers.

It is developed with the innovative and special glass network that provides sturdiness and allows the junior skiers to enjoy the skiing experience at a faster speed as well as easy flexibility.

This ski helps your juniors to learn the ins and outs of skiing as well as enjoying it with their parents or guardians.


  • Perfect race skis for kids
  • Air power core provides less density
  • Enables you to glide with flexibility
  • Extremely sturdy
  • Allows your junior skier to learn the ins and outs of skiing
  • Highly flexible
  • Stays sturdy at high speeds also
  • One year warranty


  • No other colour options are available

9. K2 Indy Alpine Ski

K2 Indy Alpine SkiThis ski is meant for your juniors who are interested in accompanying you during the most sought-after winter sport, that is skiing. It has a soft surface that gives a cushion like feeling to your juniors’ foot and lets him/her enjoy the skiing adventure.

This ski is recommended for kids owing to its user-friendly construction for better navigation on the snowy slopes.

The rocker profile of this product makes the skiing experience a natural and easy one. Its light weight underfoot camber ensures traction and control even on the hard layers of snow.


  • Softest built
  • Good looks with red and black colour combination
  • Great value for money
  • User-friendly construction for better navigation
  • Light weight underfoot camber
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Cheap price


  • There is only one colour option for this product

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Beginner Ski

Buying the first ever ski can be a tedious task for you. As a beginner, you need to garner the knowledge about the basics associated with the ski and its functionality. Buying the best beginner skis among all the varieties available in the market is not possible without having the idea about the factors associated with its purchase.

Hence, below are the features and factors that you should assess before buying your desired ski for a better skiing experience.

1. Shape

The length and size of the ski is the foremost factor that one should always consider while purchasing one. With the advent of the latest technologies in the market, there are numerous shapes and sizes available.

The shape of ski basically aids you in improving the skiing experience in the terrain and style of taking turns on the slopes. Here are the few common shapes available out there:

  • Rocker: It denotes the curved tail that aids in lifting the ski out of the powdery area. The ski rocker profile is further segregated into Camber, Rocker, and Flat. These days many skis are designed by using the combination of these sub-type profiles.

When the rocker of a ski is more, the skier finds it easier to turn and lift while gliding. Many modern shapes use a combination of more than one of these.

  • Sidecut: It can be defined as the inner curve of ski that gives an hourglass shape to the ski. It is always denoted as radius and expressed in meters.
  • Camber: The slightest curve in the middle of the ski towards the upward direction is denoted as camber. It provides precision while gliding on the terrain with hard layer of snow.
  • Flat: This type of ski is mostly denoted as snowboards. It helps in maintaining easy transition and better mobility.

2. Type

Before finalizing about what to buy, you should always be aware that which type of ski you should buy and the type of ski range you are good at. There are mainly 4 types or styles of skis available in the market. They are:

  • Piste/Carving

If you desire to ski on the groomed pistes or carvings, then you would be able to ski requiring high performance and precision. However, this is mostly preferred by the experienced ones. After gaining years of practice in skiing, you can also opt for these types of ski. These skis come with high rigidity; hence, as a beginner, you should go for lightweight and flexible skis.

  • All-Rounder

As the name suggests, it is meant for both beginners and experienced, but it is mostly preferred by beginners. They just want to glide on all types of surfaces. The skis with around 80mm average blade are considered as best skis, as they rest on large size to provide better lift on the powder or off the piste.

The skis with mid-range rigidness is good for all-rounder skis. For beginners, a light-weight ski is the perfect choice for skiing on different ski types.

  • Free Rider

If you are looking for gliding experience on snow without even touching it, then you should prefer the mid-length free-rider skis. These skis are more than 90mm in size.

For free-rider types, the rigid ski with normal camber and flat tail is the best choice for a better speed and stability in skiing experience. The beginners should go for light and flexible skis to exhibit freeride skiing style.

3. Rigidity

The rigidness of the ski boards you choose should be in accordance with the standard of your skiing ability. When the rigidity of the ski is high, it denotes that you are an experienced skier. When it is less, it clearly means you are a beginner. So, if you are new to skiing, then go for flexible and light/less rigid skis.

4. Size

The size of ski boards is generally dependent on your height, your skiing ability, and what you desire to attain from this adventure. As a beginner, you should choose skis that are 10-15cm less in size as compared to the height of the ski especially for the downhill locations.

Light weight skiers face hindrances during skiing on the rigid skies, while the heavier skiers are least interested in skiing on lightweight and soft skis.

5. Material

Wooden top sheet and sidewalls are used to make skis, which is pressed using layers of bio epoxy resin and laminated for smooth finish. This design aids in enhancing its performance and stability. However, there are skis made up of synthetic materials, and some have metal coating too for sturdier performance.

6. Bindings

Binding is an important factor to consider before buying a ski. It decides the skiing and skier types. It is further categorized into track-mounted binding and drill-mounted binding. The brake width should be as wide as the waist of the ski to make it perfect for skiing. You should always avoid brake widths that are 20mm widen than the ski’s waistline.

7. Looks

If you are a skier at beginner level, then performance would be of more importance to you than its looks. However, skiing on a boring and single coloured ski would be monotonous and unexciting. Most beginner skiers prefer bright coloured skis that are easier to locate, and at the same time keep the mood happy.

FAQs on Beginner Skis

1. Is Skiing Dangerous?

Earlier, skiing was termed as dangerous when long, stiff wood skis, leather boots and non-release bindings were used for skiing. However, these days, skiing has become smoother and easier than before with high-support plastic boots and release bindings attached with them. Your safety can further be enhanced if you choose the best beginner skis that fulfil all the factors mentioned above.

2. Do I Have To Lose Weight To Enjoy Skiing?

Of course, a fit body is required for any sport; however, there is no need to have a slim trim and zero size figure to enjoy skiing. A perfect fit but not a fat body of whatever size that is flexible can ski comfortably. Just morning walks, jogging, rope jumping, and stretching or yoga are enough to make you fit to enjoy all that skiing has to offer.

3. How Will I Decide Which Ski Is The Perfect Choice For Me?

You should decide upon the ski type after assessing on varied factors, like your ability, riding style, interest terrain, desired length and width of ski, radius, and rocker type.

4. How To Decide The Skin Size Of A Ski?

The width of the widest part of the ski, i.e. its tip, is the decisive factor behind the ski selection. Sometimes, you can trim the sides of the skin to match with the shape of the skis, whereas some are already available in pre-cut lengths.

5. How To Maintain And Take Care Of My Ski?

Taking good care and maintaining your ski with extra attention can extend its life to nearly 5 additional years. You can do this by mainly performing two things. You can sharpen the edges of your ski and wax or smoothen its base.

6. What Is The Correct Place For Mounting The Binding On The Ski?

Mounting the binding of the ski is mostly done as per the preference of the skier. However, the boot centre line is the apt place for mounting. This is the actual point where the ski has been designed to mount the binding depending on its use.

Choose The Best Beginners Skis In The Market With This Useful Information

If you are interested in enjoying your upcoming winters in the snowy terrains by gliding on the slopes like a smooth feather, then you should select skiing as a sport. For a successful skiing experience, the best beginner skis in the market are essential to fulfil your dream.

However, before buying the best ski in the market, you should consider each and every aforementioned factor to select the best ski and experience the best skiing adventure. The skis in the market are not only available for elders, but also for juniors. So, your juniors also can join you in this chilling experience and you can witness them enjoying the snow gliding.

Although skiing was earlier preferred as a transportation medium in the snow and glacier areas, now with the interest of people to enjoy skiing, it has been considered as a sport by many.

There is no restriction in this sport in terms of gender or age or nationality. At times, tourists also visit places that are especially famous for skiing and try to add this wonderful and memorable experience to their life.