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Cool when it’s warm, warm when it’s cool. Naturally, it’s wool.

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Woolroom bedding, beds, mattresses and homewares

Woolroom are an award-winning rural business that are striving to change the way the world sees wool. They have found ways to deliver to the modern consumer fabulous wool products that embody the natural, sustainable and health-giving qualities of hand-picked wool.

Woolroom have 5 stores, and a website that offers free delivery on all orders over £50.

Shop British wool beds, mattresses, bedding and accessories with Woolroom today, and discover what happy feels like…



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Woolroom bedding, beds, mattresses and homewares

Woolroom specialises in providing natural bedding, beds and mattresses, predominantly made from British wool.

Wool is a renewable resource, since every year sheep produce a new fleece. This wool is the catalyst in the products that Woolroom sell - it's natural characteristics such as its ability to regulate heat, it’s durability, and its natural fire resistance makes it an ideal choice for products of this type. It is also naturally hypoallergenic.

Woolroom's environmental practices go beyond simply sourcing British wool; they are completely committed to using natural materials in all their products, and refrain from using unpleasant chemicals in their entire range of wool mattresses.

Mattresses, and bedding products come with a 30 day sleep guarantee and their range of beds and mattresses are sold with a 2 year guarantee and 10 year warranty. More details about the guarantees can be found on Woolroom's website.

For a small fee, Woolroom can also remove and responsibly dispose of your old bed and mattress when delivering your new product.

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