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Solar lighting for house & home

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The Solar Centre's goal is to keep pushing the boundaries of what is achievable from solar, for exterior home and garden lighting.  It is not just about brightness and performance but also about build quality to deliver great value for money. 

The Solar Centre is an online store that sells a wide range of award winning premium grade solar lighting. Everything from mains equivalent solar security lights through to USB backup Lumify Solar Fairy Lights providing you with a lighting solution for almost any need.

They want customers to be proud to own a Solar Centre light and to share their satisfaction with all their friends.

About Solar Centre products

Solar products absorb energy from the sun and store this energy so that it can be used when it is required. This energy replaces energy that would otherwise be imported from the national grid.

Solar panels convert sunlight into energy, this energy can then be used to replace non-renewable energy generated from fossil fuels.

By using solar technology to charge your gadgets and to power your lighting you can reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.

By using solar powered items you can reduce the amount of grid electricity you use and dependence on fossil fuels whilst reducing your carbon footprint.

In some areas of your property where connection to mains property may not be possible for example in sheds and garages, solar lighting and solar power generation can provide an excellent environmentally friendly lighting and power supply solution.

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