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Vintage Roots

The UK's leading home delivery supplier of carefully selected, high quality organic wines.

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Vintage Roots started in the 80s as a couple of friends driving around France in a van, with a few maps and a small list of organic vineyards, searching for organic wine with an incredible flavour to match.

Since then, Vintage Roots has grown into an award-winning retailer and the UK's leading home delivery supplier of carefully selected, high-quality organic wines, offering a wealth of wine expertise with personal and attentive service.

Blind taste-tested every year to ensure that every product in the catalogue remains the best quality, their diverse drinks portfolio now includes over 400 wines (including red, white and champagne), as well as beers, ciders, spirits and liqueurs. All their products are free from chemical adulteration and produced to organic, biodynamic, vegetarian or vegan standards.

About Vintage Roots

Vintage Roots offer a large selection of organic, biodynamic, vegetarian and vegan wines beers and spirits. Since 1986 Vintage Roots have traded solely in wines that they believe are of the highest authentic quality, originating from low impact producers that actively sustain and enrich their environments.

Care for the environment is an integral part of Vintage Roots' business and the Vintage Roots environmental policy extends beyond simply sourcing environmentally friendly products.

Further environmental commitments include:

  • Using ethical suppliers for office products whenever possible
  • Being carbon neutral (they minimise carbon emissions and offset any that are unavoidable using DEFRA approved certified offsets)
  • Reducing waste (all cardboard, paper, and glass is segregated and sent for recycling. 84% of generated waste is currently recycled, nearly twice the national average)

More information about the Vintage Roots environmental policy is available on the Vintage Roots website.


About Vintage Roots products

Vintage Roots products are sourced from vineyards and suppliers who grow to organic, vegan, vegetarian or biodynamic standards. Every product is accompanied by appropriate organic certification. Many of Vintage Roots products are accompanied by details about the environmental practices of the vineyards in which they are produced.

Vintage Roots offer both new world and old world wines; consequently a number of the wines available through Vintage Roots will have travelled long distances. The area of production of each wine is clearly displayed on the Vintage Roots website.

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