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Cheers to points on organic wine

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As the UK’s largest home-delivery supplier of organic wines, Vintage Roots began with three friends who shared a passion for wine that’s organic while offering great value and incredible flavour. Today, you can share a drink with friends and collect points at the same time.

The range now comprises of hundreds of wines, dozens of beers, ciders, spirits, liqueurs and even chocolate. And all products are certified organic to the UK’s Organic Food Federation’s standards.

Helpful hint – if you just spend your double points every time you get maximum value.

Vintage Roots trades solely in wines from low-impact producers that actively sustain and enrich their environments. The company’s commitment to caring for the environment goes beyond simply sourcing environmentally-friendly products. It also includes:

• An extensive environmental policy that clearly states what the company does now for the environment and what it aims to do in the future. Read it here

How it works

Collect points online

Click on Collect points and we’ll direct you to the Vintage Roots website where you’ll earn points on your purchases. Once you’ve successfully made your transaction, it will appear in your Ice account in Transactions Pending.

Spend points online

Click on Spend points and we’ll direct you to the Vintage Roots website. Click on Spend points in the Ice frame and enter the amount of points you’d like to use. Your discount will be automatically taken at the checkout.

Your Ice points value
3 Ice points for every £2 you spend.
Your first 80 points are worth 2p each on every transaction.
Important notes

If you don’t use your points, they’ll be refunded after 7 days.