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Rêve En Vert

Online luxury fashion boutique

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Rêve En Vert is an online luxury boutique focusing on high-end sustainable products, and has been referred to as the “Net-a-Porter of sustainable fashion”.

At Rêve En Vert they are passionate about providing a platform which provides a positive alternative to other shopping experiences. Everything you can buy has been made by independent designers who carefully consider their methods, where they produce their designs, and what goes into the products they make. All curated to reflect a specific sense of style.

Rêve En Vert want to showcase the best of designs that combine both style and value to create something beautiful, timeless and long-lasting – a piece you can hand down to the next generation.

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Since being founded in 2013, Rêve En Vert has established itself as the premier online retailer of sustainable luxury.

Working with designers who produce beautiful timeless pieces from organic, remade, locally produced or fairly sourced materials. Rêve En Vert don't sacrifice style for ethics.

What's more, to help you understand the ethics of your potential purchase, every product listing includes sustainability information.

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