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Fairly traded, organic and natural fibre fashion

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Komodo mens and womens sustainable fashion

Ethical fashion pioneers Komodo create unique, on trend fashion using the finest quality organic, natural and innovative eco fibres. They seek to provide an affordable alternative to the culture of fast fashion by balancing timeless style with sustainability. Producing seasonal mens and womenswear collections with respect for both people and planet.

Contemporary London style is infused with the spirit and natural beauty of the countries where the clothes are made. From the breathtaking snow-capped Himalayas to the tropical island shores of Indonesia…

Joe Komodo says.. "It's a privilege of our civilization to dress up in comfort and style, but it's also the responsibility of todays fashion designers to make that style fairly and sustainable for those who work on it - otherwise, you can only pretend it's cool !"

Komodo mens and womens sustainable fashion

Komodo set out from the very beginning to be an ethical and environmentally friendly company and continue to endeavour to operate a sustainable and transparent business. Their environmental policies are clearly communicated on their website and they are committed to creating the most environmentally friendly products they can. Policies and environmental commitments include:

- ISO14001 certification
- Details of the various characteristics of different materials
- A full breakdown of production by material type
- Detailed product information
- An ethical code of conduct.

Komodo’s commitment to ethics and environment goes beyond selling environmentally friendly products. Komodo has partnered with a number of projects and charities including shelter and water aid, details of these partnerships are available on the Komodo website.

More information about Komodo’s, excellent environmental practices is available on the about section of the Komodo website.

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