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Elvis & Kresse

A brand based on three principles; reclamation, innovation and donation

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Elvis & Kresse reclaimed materials accessories

Elvis & Kresse have been reclaiming heroic materials ever since they fell in love with London Fire Brigade's decommissioned fire-hose. After a distinguished career fighting fires and saving lives the hoses were destined for landfill. Elvis & Kresse started to rescue it in 2005 and never looked back. 

Although fire hose was their first love, Elvis & Kresse reclaim a host of other materials including leather, printing blankets, coffee sacks, military-grade parachute silk, tea sacks and shoe boxes.

Elvis & Kresse make honest, genuine, practical pieces; from the belt you leave on your favourite jeans to the bag you can’t leave home without.

Elvis & Kresse reclaimed materials accessories

Since first working with decommissioned fire hose in 2005, Elvis & Kresse have focused on creating innovative products from materials otherwise destined for landfill. This approach to design has significant environmental benefits, including reduced waste, reduced raw material consumption, and increasing the life of materials. Elvis and Kresse have to date reclaimed more than 200 tonnes of waste material including.

  • decommissioned fire hoses
  • military grade parachute silk
  • reclaimed coffee sack
  • reclaimed leather

Elvis & Kresse’s sustainability commitments don’t stop at reclamation. Elvis and Kresse also re-distribute up to 50% of their profits to projects and charities related to the unique materials they reclaim. 50% of the profits from their fire hose range are donated to the Fire Fighters Charity.

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