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Pioneering ethical jewellery

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Cred believe in making beautiful jewellery that has ethical integrity. Their outstanding relationships with sources, commitment to Fairtrade and production of exciting, quality designs sets them apart from the rest.

In 2003 Cred jewellery produced the world's first truly ethical wedding bands made from gold from a traceable source that was certified as environmentally and socially responsible. They remain Cred's bestseller.

Cred Jewellery design ethical jewellery which is manufactured from reclaimed or responsibly sourced materials.

  • They established the first transparent supply chain of Gold and Platinum from Oro Verde in Columbia, and were the first jewellery company to pay social premiums for Ecological Gold.
  • As a founding member of the Alliance for Responsible Mining Cred Jewellery has helped to drive demand for Fairtrade Gold and Silver. Cred Jewellery brought the first certified Fairtrade silver to the UK, and launched the world’s first collection made from it.
  • When it isn’t possible to source Fairtrade precious metals, Cred Jewellery source recycled metals. Currently there isn’t a certification for Fairtrade platinum like there is for gold and silver. Cred Jewellery source only 100% recycled platinum.
  • All the diamonds used in Cred Jewellery pieces are certified as conflict-free by the Kimberley Process, and all the Gems are sourced through organisations across the world that bring you the best quality stones, straight from the source.

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