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Sustainable luxury footwear and accessories

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Beyond Skin is a sustainable, luxury footwear and accessories brand.

Founded in 2001, Beyond Skin is the first British, independent, luxury vegan footwear brand dedicated to designing cruelty-free, luxury shoes for fashionable yet ethically conscious women.

Their luxury products are 100% vegan, made in Spain, with a sustainable USP and beautiful styling.

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Beyond Skin is passionate about humans, animals and the environment. All of their collections are produced in Spain and their fabrics and components sourced from both Spain and Italy. Wherever possible they endeavour to source close to their factories and always within the EU, reducing air miles and contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Beyond Skin tries where they can to find and incorporate organic, sustainable or eco-friendly materials and components into their collections and avoid heavily polluting textiles such as viscose and PVC.  They make a promise to do their best to utilise any new eco-friendly additions to the marketplace as they become more available.

All of their footwear linings are now made from 100% recycled PU with a vegetable polymer coating. Beyond Skin’s environmental principles include:

  • Trading in a manner that is ‘cruelty free’ and kind to humans, animals and the planet
  • Using sustainable/recycled and vegan materials, sourced locally to factories where possible
  • Working to reduce the carbon footprint of operations
  • Supporting grass-root environmental & social projects

More information about the materials used by Beyond Skin and the Beyond Skin Story are available on the Beyond Skin website.

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