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BT Broadband

Discover award-winning broadband and collect points

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Choose BT Broadband and you can look forward to a great broadband experience with lots of extras included such as free internet voice and video calls, security software and BT Sport.

It’s quick and easy to switch to BT Broadband and download speeds are super-fast (up to 60Mb). All broadband packages include the latest BT Home Hub for outstanding performance.

Helpful hint – when you buy a TV or Broadband package via myice.com, you'll get all the best direct deals, sales and promotions - plus your Ice points on top.

BT takes an holistic approach to sustainability which is reflected in its Better Future policy:

  • The Better Future policy has been commended by several organisations and focuses on being a responsible business, improving society globally through digital communications and improving the lives of millions of people around the globe through BT products and people
  • BT is also part of the NETpositive initiative. This collaborative partnership aims to transform leading sustainability thinking into tools and approaches that can be used by small and medium-sized organisations and across supply chains

How it works

Click on Collect points and we’ll direct you to the BT website where you’ll earn points on your purchases. Once you’ve successfully made your transaction, it will appear in your Ice account in Transactions Pending. This may take up to 7 days – please check to ensure your transaction has tracked.

Ice points value

New BT Broadband customers: BT Broadband:1500 Ice points, BT TV: 1000 Ice points, BT Calls 375 Ice points.

New BT Mobile: Sim only low tariff 1000 Ice points, Sim only medium tariff 2000 Ice points, Sim only high tariff 3000 Ice points.

New BT Mobile: Pay monthly low tariff 1000 Ice points, Pay monthly medium tariff 1500 Ice points, Pay monthly high tariff 2000 Ice points.

Important notes

Please note you can only collect Ice points with this retailer online and NOT in store.

Ice points will only be collected as a one off payment and cannot be collected on your monthly bills.