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Britain's leading green energy supplier

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Renewable energy

Ecotricity are an energy company unlike any other. They take the money their customers spend on electricity and gas bills and turn it into new sources of green energy, such as wind farms, solar panels and green gas. Their energy is the greenest around and their commitment to new sources of green energy helps reduce the UK’s dependence on fossil fuel generation.

Acting ethically is at the heart of the Ecotricity offer with one tariff and price for all customers and the industries top customer service rating according to data published by Ofgem and Which.

Helpful hint – This offer only applies to new Ecotricity customers who successfully complete a switch online via myice.com.

Renewable energy

Ecotricity are the greenest electricity company in the UK. The electricity they supply is 100% renewable and they are the UK’s only supplier of green gas. They are also the only energy company in the world to have achieved the Eco Management-Audit Scheme (EMAS) across all their operations.

Whilst energy is their key focus Ecotricity are also looking at innovative ways to reduce the carbon impact of transport and food production. This is all part of their vision “Green Britain - A place in which we all live more sustainable lives and where ethical business is the norm – pursuing outcomes other than profit”.

How it works

Collect points online

Click on Collect points and we’ll direct you to the Ecotricty website where you’ll earn points on a new energy tariff. Once you’ve successfully applied for your energy switch, it will appear in your Ice account within 45 days of you completing your switch.

Ice points value
Single tariff - Electricity – 3000 Ice points. Single tariff - Gas – 1500 Ice points Electricity and Gas - 4500 Ice points.
Important notes

Please note when you take out a new energy tariff with Ecotricity online via myice.com, your Ice points will NOT appear in your Pending Transactions. They will show directly in your live Ice account within 45 days of you completing your switch.