We have noticed that you are using Safari as your default browser.

Unfortunately, the default settings in Safari do not support our tracking so you cannot collect and spend Ice with some of our online partners using the default settings. You CAN collect and spend Ice points in the Safari browser  with: John LewisTrainGenius.com.

We want you to be able to collect and spend free Ice points with all our online partners, so suggest that you either use a different browser such as FireFox or Google Chrome which can be downloaded from here http://www.mozilla-europe.org/en/firefox/ or http://www.google.com/chrome/. Alternatively you can change your Safari settings to allow cookies as follows:

1. Open the Safari Preferences dialogue box

2. Click on the the "Privacy" tab

3. Under the "Block cookies" section, you will notice that "From third parties and advertisers" is selected

4. Change this setting to "Never" as below

5. Close the "Preferences" dialogue box and restart your Safari browser, return to www.myice.com log into your Ice account and start shopping.