Shopping online & in farm shops

We put a lot of work into making sure Ice is not just great value, but also easy to understand and straightforward to use. Ice simply rewards you for shopping with a network of retailers who are all doing their best for the environment. We’ll guarantee you a great deal - and take the hard work out of making sustainable choices too.

So, how does it work?


Register and Join Ice

First you need to register and join Ice so that we can track your purchases with our retailers to make sure you get your points. You can join for free and you’ll receive a welcome email to let you know you’re on board.



Choose whether you want to collect or spend

To start collecting points, browse the retailer categories list or find our most popular brands from the menu.


Once you’ve collected some points and want to spend them to get money off your purchase, use the spend menu bar to find the retailer you want to spend with.



Collect and spend online, on the telephone or at farm shops

You can shop with our retailers via different channels. These are shown on each retailer’s page on or you can filter by channel in the collecting and spending pages. is optimised for all devices - including mobile for easy use when you're on the go.



Collect your points

To collect points click on Shop & Collect points with your chosen retailer and you’ll be taken from to the retailer’s website. Once you’ve made a successful purchase your transaction will appear in transactions pending. After the necessary returns period, your points will be live in your Ice account and available to spend. If you’re collecting from a farm shop you’ll need an Ice card, which can be picked up in store


Spend your points

To spend points, click on Shop & Spend points. Choose how many Ice points you want to spend for a discount or online discount code, which will be taken off at the checkout at the retailer’s website. You can choose to pay for the item in full with your points or mix with a credit card or cash payment. To find out how to apply for your discount, see the Ice retailer page for instructions.


If you’re spending in a farm shop, you’ll need to have a registered Ice card and present your Ice card at the till.



Who can I collect and spend Ice points with?

You can collect and spend with a wide range of retailers – you’ll find them on the main menu.


How many Ice points can I spend?

You can spend any amount of the Ice points you have as soon as they’re posted in your Ice account. If you have a point, you can spend it. The only exceptions are John Lewis & Partners and M&S where there is a minimum discount value.


What are the collect and spend rates?

The rate at which you collect Ice points depends on the retailer, although all Ice points are worth a minimum of 1p when you spend them. The good news is that we double some Ice points every time you shop to 2p. You can find the collect and spend rates for each retailer on their page at


How do I collect Ice points online?

The number of Ice points you collect varies by retailer and can be viewed on each retailer’s page on To collect Ice points online, click Shop & Collect points and you’ll be taken directly to the retailer website, where (unless you’re collecting with John Lewis & Partners or M&S) you’ll see an Ice frame above the web page with your customer number. You get points when you place your order, which will show in your Ice account once the transaction has been authorised by the retailer. (The amount of time for Ice points to appear in your Ice account will vary for each partner; you can find this information on each individual retailer’s page.) To check your order has been successfully tracked, you can view your transaction in transactions pending within 48 hours of making your purchase.  


Please note that to collect Ice points for an online purchase, you must open the retailer’s site via – otherwise the retailer won’t know you’re an Ice customer.


How do I spend Ice online?

To spend Ice points online, look for the orange Click & Spend points button on retailers’ pages on For John Lewis & Partners and M&S, a panel will open asking you how many points you want to spend in exchange for a discount code. Note the codes down and go to the retailer site (always through and apply your discount ID codes at the checkout.


To spend with all other online retailers, click Click & Spend points and you’ll be taken to the retailer’s website. Here you’ll also see an Ice frame above the web page where you’ll be asked how many points you wish to spend to convert into a discount. Once you’ve chosen and confirmed the amount, your discount will be automatically deducted at the checkout.


Please note – it’s important to confirm the amount of points you wish to spend before you reach the retailer’s checkout. If you confirm too late in the process your discount may not be added. Instead, you’ll collect points on the purchase and your spent points will be returned to you after 5 days.  


How do I collect Ice points on telephone purchases?

To collect Ice points on telephone purchases, you must provide the retailer with your Ice customer number. The number of Ice points you collect will vary by retailer. You can check this by viewing the retailer page on


How do I spend Ice points on telephone purchases?

When spending your Ice points by telephone, look for the orange Click & Spend points button on retailers’ pages.


You’ll be taken to the retailer’s website where you’ll also see an Ice frame above the web page. In the frame you’ll be asked how many points you wish to spend to convert into a discount. Once you’ve chosen and confirmed the amount you’ll be given a single-use discount ID. Call the retailer to make your purchase giving them your Ice customer number and discount ID.


How do I collect in a farm shop?

You need to pick up an Ice card at any participating farm shop and register it to your Ice account. Each time you shop, swipe your Ice card at the till and your points will appear in your Ice account.


How do I spend Ice points in a farm shop?

Firstly, ensure your Ice card is fully registered to your account on Then to spend points for a discount, simply hand over your Ice card at the till before you pay. You will be told the points you have available to spend and the discount you can receive.


Note – you do not have to spend all of your points. You may only want to spend enough points to get your double points discount and leave the remainder in your Ice account. The farm shop will tell you how many points you need to spend to get the best value double points discount. 


Do I need an Ice card?

You only need an Ice card to collect and spend at participating farm shops.


How do I get an Ice card?

You can pick up an Ice card at any participating farm shop.


Am I getting the best value possible when I shop with Ice?

Yes. When you shop with Ice you’re buying direct from the retailer’s website or farm shop and benefitting from the same stock availability, prices and promotions – plus your Ice points on top.


Can I collect or spend Ice without coming via

If you visit the retailer’s website directly without going via first, the retailer will not be able to recognise you as an Ice customer and you won’t be able to collect or spend your Ice points. You always need to login to Ice and shop via In a farm shop, you need to use an Ice card to collect and spend points.


Do I collect when I spend with Ice points?

No, it's only possible to either collect or spend on any transaction.


How will the Ice retailer know I am an Ice customer?

When you shop via the Ice website and visit a retailer’s website, we pass a unique number to the retailer to track your purchase. When you’ve completed your purchase online, the retailer sends confirmation of your successful purchase, the amount and Ice customer number so we can add the transaction and associated Ice points to your Ice account.


If you’re buying via the telephone, you’ll need to quote your Ice customer number to the retailer. If you’re spending your Ice points by telephone, you’ll also have to provide your Ice discount ID which you’d have previously requested via the Ice frame on the retailer’s shopping page via


If you have an Ice card, you can collect and spend Ice in store. Just present your Ice card at the till and the cashier will swipe the card and retrieve your Ice points balance – you can then decide if you would like to collect or spend Ice points.


Can I shop with Ice and have my goods delivered overseas?

The delivery of goods outside the UK will be determined by the standard delivery guidelines of the retailer. Please refer to their individual delivery policy.


How can I pay when I shop with Ice?

You will checkout directly with the retailer and can make payment with any of the payment methods they accept, for example cash, debit, credit or pre-paid cards. You can combine Ice points with your normal payment, or pay in full with Ice points.


Do Ice points expire?

No, every Ice point issued will benefit the environment. We’ll contact you after three years and ask if you’re planning to spend your Ice, since you may be saving for something special. If you aren’t planning to spend them or we’re unable to reach you, we’ll donate them to environmental projects.


What communications will I receive from Ice?

You’ll receive a welcome email and statement (with your points balance) along with other service emails.  You can choose to opt out of any other marketing communications.  We won’t sell your data to any other companies and will only send you marketing communications that we think will be of interest.

How do you know the companies you work with are doing their bit for the environment?

Before companies are invited to join Ice, they are assessed to ensure that they are doing there bit for the environment.  To complete this assessment Ice collates information about the sustainability profile and CSR policy of the company. This information is collated from publically available sources such as annual reports, news articles and NGO reports.

To assess whether this information represents good environmental performance Ice compares this information to other businesses in the same sector. This is done using criteria set out in sector protocols. This ensures all companies within a sector are assessed against the same criteria and that the results are clear and transparent. Information about the environmental credentials’ of each retailer is available on the retailer page. More information about the selection process is available on the partner selection criteria page here.