Best Travel Binoculars 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s

1. Ronhan2. Hutact3. Kylietech
Ronhan Best Travel Binocular

Hutact Ultra HD

Kylietech Fog Proof


Do you love to observe things or do you love bird watching? If your answer is yes, then a binocular is the best travel binocular that you can have. This little piece of technology is simple to use and lets you see the faraway objects closely. Ideal for outdoor activities like bird watching, hiking etc.

You can find many popular brands and cheaper versions available in the market. But not every binocular is worth your money and time.


If you are looking for the best travel binoculars for yourself or even for gifting someone, you need to consider various factors. Read this article that highlights 10 best travel binoculars and certain tips that will help you make the best purchase.

Top 10 Best Travel Binoculars 2020

1. Ronhan Military Binoculars

Ronhan Best Travel BinocularYour search for compact, lightweight and effective binoculars ends with this product by RONHAN. This binocular has everything that makes it a popular one. It comes with BAK-4 prism, the lens is multilayer-coated, comes with a rubber body and not to miss, the wide FOV or Field of View which lets you get your eyes on everything far away.

It offers 20x magnification and comes with a 23mm eye lens diameter. The centre focus knob helps in adjusting the focus with precision. So, if you are looking for a powerful, yet compact binocular that is perfect for bird watching, wildlife viewing, then you must buy this binocular.


  • Wide FOV
  • Compact Binocular
  • Multilayer coating
  • BAK4 prism


  • Wide magnification sometimes blurs the vision

2. Hutact Ultra HD

Hutact Ultra HDAre you looking for a good quality binocular? Your search comes to an end with HUTACT compact binoculars. This product has been engineered to meet the requirements of outdoor lovers who enjoy bird watching. With its ultra HD vision, you can see clear images.

Besides, this binocular is equipped with 42mm complete multiplayer coating lens and 10X magnification. The inner shell is made of aluminium alloy, while the outer rubber coating gives it a sleek and stylish look.

This is a great purchase if you want the best travel binoculars for bird watching.


  • BAK 4 prism
  • Complete multilayer coating
  • Just 1.43 pounds


  • Offers only 10x magnification

3. Kylietech Fog Proof

Kylietech Fog ProofIf you are an outdoor lover, then you would need a binocular to enjoy every view. Waterproof, Fog-proof Compact Binocular by Kylietech is a must-have if you want a sturdy binocular. Not only it provides clear vision, but at the same time, it is highly durable.

This binocular comes with 12x magnification, and a 42mm lens provides clear vision. It comes with 21mm green film eyepiece and 330ft/1000yds large field of view. Thus making it perfect for


  • 12x magnification
  • Multilayer coated lens
  • Wide FOV
  • Inner aluminium shell


  • A bit pricey

4. Olympus

OlympusThis 8x magnification binocular is great for those who are looking for a binocular for bird watching and observing nature. It is highly durable and comes with wide FOV.

This is a sturdy and durable binocular that comes with an anti-refractive lens that gets a clearer image. So, if you are looking for good quality binoculars, then you must invest in this product.


  • Compact size
  • Lightweight
  • Anti0refratcve lens


  • Only 8x magnification

5. Andston Mini Binoculars

Andston Mini BinocularsSo this one comes with the added advantage of compact size, yet powerful viewing. This one is waterproof and fog proof. It is highly durable and comes with a stylish look. It is 30*42. The 30x powerful magnification gets you a clearer image. Also, you can find a 60mm lens which makes you get the brightest and clearest images every time.

The binocular is powerful enough to let you see even in low light conditions. It comes with 369ft/1000 yards. SO, if you want a good binocular that will let you see everything easily and clearly, then you must invest in this binocular.


  • 30x magnification
  • 170 gms in weight
  • Compact size and Large FOV


  • Poor focus

6. Nikon Sportstar EX

Nikon Sportstar EXThe brand Nikon needs no introduction. It is known to manufacture good quality binocular, and now it has come up with its powerful binocular which offers 10x magnification.

It is waterproof and fog proof, thus making it durable and long-lasting. For easier adjustment of eyes, this binocular comes with Turn-and-slide rubber eyecups with the multi-click system. So, if you are looking forward to buying a good quality binocular for bird watching or wildlife watching, then this is the right product for you.


  • Compact size makes it easy to carry
  • 10x magnification
  • Waterproof and fog proof


  • Fit is a problem

7. Hosome Compact 12×42

Hosome Compact 12x42Watching birds and wildlife is a wonderful activity, isn’t it? But you would agree with the fact that you cannot get close to them to watch them. Here a good binocular is going to help you. Hosome brings you 12x magnification company binocular that lets you closely observe wildlife and bird.

It comes 42mm wide-angled big objective lens, that lets you have a clear view. It comes with premium BAK4 prims, which is FMC. All this ensures that you get a clearer vision every time.

The centre focus allows you to adjust the focus easily so that you can get a clear view every time. Overall, it’s a great product to invest in.


  • 12x magnification and BAK4 prism
  • 42mm wide-angled objective lens
  • Easy to carry


  • The neck strap is not of good quality.

8. Nocoex 10X26

Nocoex 10X26Whether you are travelling, hunting, bird watching, or just observing nature, a good binocular is a must, isn’t it? Well, if you are looking for one such product, then you must choose this binocular by Nocoex. It offers 10x magnification and comes with a 26mm objective lens.

This is a highly compact binocular that is just 0.66lb in weight. You can easily fold it and store it in your backpack. This is a shockproof, waterproof and fog proof binocular that comes with all the necessary aid that will get you clear image every time.


  • It comes with 10x magnification
  • It is Durable and Fog proof
  • Lightweight and compact


  • The focus could be improved

9. Sunagor World’s Smallest Binocular

Sunagor World's Smallest BinocularYou will be amazed by the clarity of the image which this smallest binocular is going to provide you. It comes with 45X magnification power. Also, this comes with BAK 4 prism that offers clear image.

This binocular comes from a 70-year-old brand which assures you of quality and durability. This is a great piece if you are looking for something that will help you get a clearer image every time.


  • World smallest binocular
  • Comes with protecting lens cap


  • The neck strap is not of good quality

10. Apeman 12X25 Compact

Apeman 12X25 CompactThis is yet another powerful addition our list of 10 best binoculars. It offers 12 magnification that offers wide FOV. The BAK-4 prism ensures that you get a clear image every time. Adjustable eyepiece and autofocus let you see the image every time.

So, if you are looking for good quality binocular which is durable, then you must buy this product.


  • 12x magnification and Wide FOV
  • Durable
  • FMC coated lens


  • Not for the professionals

Factors To Look For When Buying Best Travel Binocular

We have already provided you with the 10 best brands available in the market. But, if you wish to explore and find out the best one for your need, then you need to know in-depth about them. To help you in this, we have got together the following features and factors that you need to look forward to a binocular before making a purchase. Let’s explore them in detail

1. Type

One of the first things that you need to consider is the type of binoculars. There are a number of variants out there, and each of these will have a different set of features. But knowing what type of binoculars will help you in shortlisting the right product.

Porro Prism Binoculars: The first type that we are going to discuss is the Porro Prism binoculars. It has an M-shape design. In this type of binoculars, the eyepiece and lens are not in a line. These are the chaperone that will give you enough resolution but will not provide you with the waterproofing.

Roof Prism Binoculars: The eyepiece and binocular tubes of this type are in a single lone and form an H-shape. If you are looking for a lightweight and compact binoculars, then you must consider buying the roof prism binoculars. These are dominating the market, and most of the travel binoculars are of this type.

2. Weight

The second factor that you need to consider is the weight of the binoculars. Since you will be either carrying them around in your hand or around your neck or in your backpack, you would need a binocular which is lighter in weight and easy to carry.

There are certain heavier binoculars, the ones that have higher magnification. In such a case you must have a tripod stand which will help you keep the binoculars aligned.

3. Type Of Glasses Used In Binoculars

One of the key things that differentiates a good pair binoculars from the average ones is the type of glass used in it. You will find the following variants available.

  • BK7 Glass – It is the low-end glass. These are priced low, and most of the cheaper version binoculars have this glass. You will not get clear images with this glass. It suffers from chromatic aberration.
  • BAK-4 Glass – Another common variety available in the market is the BK-4 glass. This comes with a low refractive index and is resistant to chemical and environmental damages.
  • ED Glass – ED here means Extra-Low Dispersion. Most of the high-end binoculars have this glass. It provides crisp and clear views. This lens has lower chromatic aberration and offers higher magnification.
  • Schott ED Glass- This glass is from Schott Optics which has lower chromatic aberration.

4. Fog Proof Inert Gas

The next factor that makes to the list is the fog proofing. If you are buying a good pair of binoculars, then it must be fog proof. The manufacturers apply a fog-resistant coating to the exterior and interior of the lens. This is a comparatively cheaper version.

Another popular way to create fog-proof binoculars is by using inert gas. The inside of the binocular is filled with a special gas. This special gas is an inert gas and not the atmospheric gas which has moisture. This inter gas helps in preventing fog formation.

So before buying any binocular, you must check whether it is fog proof or not. If the company claims fog proof, then you are assured that the lens will be clear and free from foggy vision. These might come at a higher price, but it is totally worth it.

5. Magnification

The magnification of the binocular is important. It ensures how clear you can see and how well the image can be zoomed. To have a clear understanding of the magnification of the binoculars, you must know how it is represented. When you buy a binocular, you would often see magnification written as 10*40. The first number of this description is the magnification.

Here 10 means that binocular has the magnification of 10, which means that you can see an object 10 times closer as compared to normal vision. So, if an animal is standing at a distance of 400 yards, then you can see them at 40 yards with a 10x binoculars.

So, more is the magnification, the higher will be the pricing. For travel and hunting purpose, binoculars with 8x to 10x should be enough.

6. Glass Coating

While buying binoculars, you must also check the glass coating. It plays a key role in ensuring that you receive a clearer image. The light that enters the binoculars gets reflected many times via means before it reaches the eye.

If you buy a non-coated lens, then the lens might lose some light, it will eventually impact the clarity of the image. Here is the loss of some of the popular lens choices that you have. The lenses have been ranked from cheapest to the most expensive ones:

  • Coated Lenses – It has a single coating.
  • Fully Coated – These type of lenses have all air to glass surfaces in a single coating.
  • Multi-Coated – As evident from the name, this lens has one or more surfaces multiple coated.
  • Fully Multicoated – This is completed multicoated

The type of coating will eventually impact the pricing of the binoculars. Hence, you must carefully check the feature of binoculars before making a purchase.

7. Size And Purpose

Another factor that you must not miss is to identify the right size and purpose of buying binoculars. It will eventually define what features are mandatory and which are not so important.

Binoculars are available in different sizes, and there are various models that you can get, but with the right idea of the purpose of use will help you find the best product for your need.

Many people believe that binoculars with higher magnification are the best, but the fact is that higher magnification reduces the brightness sand eventually impacts the depth of field of view. The idea binoculars for bird watching would be 8*42.

The one with 12x or more magnification are good for long-distance viewing, but these come with a tripod stand. 7.5 x or lower is for those who find it difficult to hold higher magnification binoculars.

If you are looking for a binocular for wildlife viewing, then you must consider buying the one with 8 *32 or 10 *42.

8. Exit Pupil

The next pointer that makes to our list is the exit pupil. It is the amount of light that is sent via binoculars to the eye. The smaller is the exit pupil; the quality of the image won’t be that good. The young and healthy eyes the size of the pupil will vary between 2mm and 7 mm, and as the individual ages, it reduces up to 5mm.

If you have 8 *42 binocular, then the exit pupil is 5.5, it means if you have maximum pupil size less than 5mm, then this binocular won’t be good for you. Hence, while choosing binoculars, you must not ignore this factor. It will eventually help you get a good and clear image.

  • Field of view- While buying binoculars, you would have often come across this term. So, what is the field of view? It is measured in degrees and is the width of the area that can be seen through the binoculars. If you are looking for the best binoculars for long-distance viewing, then you must consider buying a binocular that come with a larger field of view.
  • Eye Relief – Another parameter that you should be looking forward to is the eye relief. It is the optimal distance from the eyepiece to your eye. Binoculars manufacturing companies mount eyecups on the eyepiece os that the user can place their eye at the proper distance from the eyepiece, thus helping them get the right image. For a user who wears a glass, the lens will position the eyepiece past the relied distance, thereby affecting the image quality.

You can also find binoculars that offer dioptric adjustments on one of the eyepieces. It makes it easy for the user to adjust the binoculars without their glasses.

Most of the binoculars come with longer eye relied on and smaller field of view. If you want a balance between the eye relief and field of view, then you will have to spend some extra money.

So, the best way out is to choose the one that comes with a broad viewing area and find how much eye relief is important for you. Based on it you can get not such expensive binoculars with the right set of features for your use.

FAQs on Travel Binoculars

1. Is It Good To Invest In Compact Binoculars?

Well, the kind of binoculars you want to invest in depends on your requirement. If you are looking for binoculars that are space-saving and easy to carry, then you must consider buying compact binocular. It offers the same set of features that the others have to offers along with lighter weight and ease of storage.

2. My Binocular Shows 8*42, What Does It Mean?

This is basically an indication of the magnification of the binoculars. The one that you have has a magnification power of 8, and the objective size of the binoculars is written in millimetres. Magnification is an indication of how clearly you can see the image.

3. What Does The Objective Of The Lend Mean?

It determines how much light can enter the lens. The larger lens is able to gather more light and thus offer a clearer image.

4. What Do You Mean By Magnification?

Magnification means enlarging the appearance size of the object. When we say 10x magnification it means that actual size will appear hundred times bigger. ( 10X10=100X)

5. What Is The Right Magnification For Wildlife Viewing?

You can find binoculars that have the magnification of 7x, 8x and 10x. If you are looking for a good binocular for wildlife viewing, then 8x would be good enough. But, you must also focus on the field of view, it will eventually decide how much can you see through the binoculars.

6. What Is FOV?

FOV means Field of View. It is measured in degrees and is the width of the image that can be seen through the lend. The more is the field of view, the better is the image. It is an important feature that you must not miss. Remember, a good magnification is not a guarantee of a clear image; you must also check the FOV.

Buy The Best Travel Binoculars To Get The Best View

If you are an outdoor enthusiast who loves observing wildlife or birds or just nature’s view, then travel binoculars are a must for you. You travel experience will be doubled with good binoculars. But, it all boils down to the fact that you need to have the best binoculars with you. We have brought you the list of 10 best travel binoculars.

In addition, you can find a number of tips that will help you make the best purchase decision. Make sure that you don’t miss to check the reviews and ratings before making a purchase. Invest in a good binocular and enjoy the view.