Best Tactical Boots 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Free Soldier Best Tactical Boot

Free Soldier High-Top

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If you love to engage in adventurous outdoor activities like hiking or employed in defense services like police force, military, cadets, or security guard, then you surely need a good pair of boots. Hence, it is essential to buy the best tactical boots available in the market.

These boots are modern versions of army boots. These boots are much more durable and comfortable, and you can find them in different sizes for both men and women in varied colors, i.e. black, tan, brown, or green.


A pair of functional tactical boots will keep your feet free from fatigue and save them from any external substances causing injury and other environmental hazards. If your feet are comfortable, you will be much better in your activities, and your performance will enhance.

But with so many brands trying to sell the best tactical boots, you can get overwhelmed and make a mistake by buying the wrong pair.

Wrong shoes can cause blisters and leave you in frustration and pain. Thus, if you are looking for an excellent pair of tactical boots, this guide will help you in making a well-informed decision.

Top 10 Best Tactical Boots 2020

1. Free Soldier

Free Soldier Best Tactical BootThe main body of this military boots by Free Soldier is made of wear-resistant and anti-scratch nylon fabric; thus, these boots are very durable and long-lasting.

The frontal part of these boots is made by using the soft and tear resistance suede leather in order to keep your feet comfortable, and you don’t feel any sharp edges or weight on your feet.

Unique reinforced rubber is used to make the anti-collision toe cap with excellent elasticity and strength. It is scratch and puncture resistant as well.

Thus, it can bear any kind of external force and keep your feet protected. Nylon fabric and air mesh fabric inside the boot makes it extremely breathable. Therefore, your feet remain fresh, dry, and odor-free.

The boots also have breathable holes that help it in quick drying. It has sand-proof boot tongue, thus there is no chance of sand and water entering into the boot while walking. If you live in high humidity and hot area, then these boots are designed to keep your feet fresh and dry.

These boots come in UK size specifications and have a great fitting. The soles of these boots are soft and can thus easily absorb shock. These boots are flexible and very comfortable while walking on rough terrains. The metal buckles and quick fastening nylon Laces makes them easy to wear and remove


  • Have an anti-slip and shock absorption design.
  • Unique pattern design provides an excellent grip
  • Slip-resistant, sand resistant, and water-resistant.
  • Soft elastic material that is not easy to break.
  • Does not let you feel tired and will reduce the chances of injury.
  • Excellent cushioning effect while doing high jump.


  • The size of these boots is one size smaller.

2. Free Soldier High-Top

Free Soldier High-TopThe free soldier is a brand serving us for more than a decade and is known for its craft excellent products for amazing outdoor experiences. All their products are made of high-quality materials and advanced technology.

Thus, they are known to make the best products for adventure seekers, and thus, outdoor enthusiasts cannot put it down. These high top combat tactical boots are best in both quality and performance.

The outer layer of the boot is made up of anti-fur and anti-siphon nylon mesh fabric. This fabric is scratch and wear-resistant; thereby making your boots look new. None the less, they are also very durable and comfortable.

These boots fit well, they are sifted and breathable, thus they are designed to keep hardworking feet free from any fatigue, dry, and warm no matter how much you walk.

The nylon laces can be tied up quickly, and the high-top boot collar will keep your ankle well protected. These boots have received excellent reviews and buyers said they fit well. No matter how rough your outdoor terrain is, the anti-slip and shockproof boot will provide you an excellent grip.

The all-terrain outsole of the combat boot provides an excellent grip and anti-slip performance. You can use it for hiking, climbing, running, and jumping.


  • Come with an anti-collision design that protects you from falls.
  • Incredibly lightweight & warm.
  • Whether you wear them in winters, summers, or in rains, these boots will keep your feet dry.
  • Available in different color choices.


  • Sole may face wear and tear after a few months.

3. Kombat UK

Kombat UKThese Ultra-lightweight boots are designed using 1000d black Nylon, and ykk dual zip technology that makes these boots more special. This pair of boots also contains a durable EVA sole unit with removable inner sole, which is exceptionally comfortable to wear.

The feature of the changeable sole makes these boots much more durable and long-lasting. The people serving in military, security, and police can wear these boots without any fear.

These boots are made using half leather, and due to there excellent rubber sole, they provide a firm grip that ensures that you don’t slip. If you love hiking and tracking, keeping these shoes in your bucket list will keep your feet comfortable and free from any kind of injury.

The exceptional design and texture of these boots make you feel confident, and you will never lose your footfalls while running.


  • Dual zip technology makes them easy to use.
  • Lining of boots helps to keep your feet fresh.
  • Keep your feet free from moisture.
  • Keep the feet warm.
  • Available in different sizes.
  • Both men and women can wear them.
  • Come in two color variations.


  • When compared to English size, they are smaller.

4. Groundwork Steel Toe

Groundwork Steel ToeThese boots are designed to give comfort and protection to your feet, especially for those who have to walk for long hours for their work like doormen, security officers, policemen, and fire officers. You can use them for hiking, hunting, running, and paintballing.

Thus, if you love outdoor activities and were looking to buy military-quality footwear designed for extreme conditions, then these boots are the perfect choice for you. The comfortable cushion insole, padded collar, and tongue will never hurt your feet and thus are considered as one of the best tactical boots.


  • Offers excellent comfort and flexibility.
  • Unexceptional performance and quality.
  • Made of genuine leather upper.
  • Perfect fit and keep your feet protected.
  • Slip-resistant.
  • Sole is oil resistant.


  • The quality of zip can improve.

5. Under Armour Valsetz

Under Armour ValzsetsCreated by using durable synthetic leather and updated textile upper, these light brown shoes are both stylish and durable. They come with UA ClutchFit ankle-support system contours, which provide perfect support to your feet. These are tactical outdoor boots that are manufactured by one of the famous brand called as an Under Armour.

These boots are reliable, sturdy, and comfortable during runs. They can be used by both men and women. Whether you want to go hiking, running, or trekking these shoes are comfortable and keeps your feet protected.

Although they are boots, they are incredibly light in weight. The outer material is made of robust leather and innovative fabric, and the TPU toe caps give you extra protection. Sport lovers always want to avoid getting slipped while doing his favorite activity.

Hence, you can rely on these boots as they provide a solid grip, and will never slip no matter what kind of surface you are on.


  • Light in weight.
  • Sturdy and non-slip.
  • Abrasion-resistant.
  • Anti-microbial Ortholite sock liner prevents bad odors.


  • Inside fabric may break after a while.

6. Savage Island

Savage IslandIf you hate tying your laces and want to save your time, the shoes with side zip are the best boots in such scenario. These shoes are comfortable to wear on and take off. They are heavy duty nylon leather shoes.

The design of these shoes is stylish and therefore is incredibly comfortable to wear. All these features will make you fall in love with these black beauties.

They have a steel tank that helps in reducing fatigue, and are breathable for your feet to keep them odor-free. As per many buyers, they are perfect shoes at the given price.


  • Smart design.
  • Comes with side zip that makes it easy to use.
  • Correct fit.
  • Comfortable in all movements.


  • Not much durable.

7. Magnum Panther Boots

Magnum Panther BootsIt is one of the top-selling boots and is loved by people who are in security services such as police officers, emergency professionals, security guards, and cadets.

If you are on your feet the whole day, these boots will make you feel comfortable the whole day. They come with side zip, and thus are very easy to wear. They are very soft and warm as well as water-resistant and highly durable.


  • Slip and oil-resistant.
  • Provides an extreme grip.
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Free from steel.
  • Keeps your feet warm and dry.


  • Continued use can cause some wear and tear.

8. Under Armour Micro G Pursuit

Under Armour Micro G PursuitThese shoes are a must for people who love to exercise, do workouts in gyms, or work as gym trainers. If you like your hard-core gym sessions, playing outdoor sports, or running, these shoes by Under Armour are perfect for you.

They are made by using Micro G foam and this super soft and supportive material protects your feet from all sides of disturbances during your runs. These are breathable shoes made of synthetic from outside and textile fabric from inside, thereby preventing your feet from smelling bad.


  • Flexible.
  • Washable and dry quickly.
  • Ensure that your feet are free from odors.
  • Extremely comfortable fit.
  • Lightweight and keeps you balanced.


  • They quack loudly.

9. Merrell High Rise

Merrell High RiseThese hiking shoes are entirely waterproof and are designed with breathable lining for weather protection. The outer material of the shoes is synthetic that keeps it safe from getting wet, and the inner cloth is a textile fabric that keeps your feet comfortable.

They are very pleasing while walking because of the gum rubber sole and flat heals. If you are a vegan who prefers the shoes made with zero animal cruelty, then they are perfect options.


  • Waterproof shoes.
  • Perfect for hiking in snow as they keep your feet warm.
  • Holds a good grip.


  • Little Expensive.
  • Make a loud sound.

10. Mil-Tec

Mil-TecThese boots are made of 100% polyester from outside, and leather inside. Thus, you can use them in all the seasons, and your feet will still remain dry and comfortable.

The sole is made of gum rubber and the block heel height is up to 3 centimeters, which makes the shoes extra comfortable. If you live in rough terrain and have to take long walks every day, these boots are perfect alternatives.


  • Heavy-duty boots.
  • Incredibly lightweight.
  • Suitable for all weathers.
  • Stylish in design and look.
  • Provide you with a good grip on icy and slippery ground.


  • Their outer sole is thin, soft, and hollow as a result of which it gets pierced easily.
  • They are only suitable for very light use.

Factors To Look For When Buying Best Tactical Boot

1. Type Of Material

The material of tactical boots plays a vital role in keeping them secured. They are usually made by using leather and nylon. Leather is a very comfortable and sturdy material, but is not breathable.

It can also loosen after using it for some time. Unlike leather, nylon is both sturdy and breathable. It is also lighter than leather due to which reason it needs the support of another material to form a shape.

In leather, you can get synthetic and genuine leather both, but synthetic leather is not much durable. So, when you are buying boots, you need to decide if you need durable or lightweight boots.

2. Grip Of Boots

Your boots must be slip-resistant in no matter what terrain you rub or jump. Thus, the shoes must have a firm grip, which will help your feet stay safe and injury-free.

3. Water Resistance

If you are a forest officer or you often go on treks, then you are well-acquainted with rains and wet grounds that cause much of a trouble.

Sometimes, terrains are such that your feet might get soaked. If you choose the best tactical boots, they will ensure that no matter how deep you are in the water, your feet will remain dry. Water-resistant or water-proof boots provide you with an additional level of comfort.

4. Shock Absorption Of Boots

Walking on the streets, rough surfaces in the woods, or mountains, you can expose your feet to stress and shock. This type of shock is higher on uneven surfaces. The best tactical boots come with shock absorption features that help in reducing the stress and shock on the feet caused by walking.

5. Fastening The Boots

There are two options available to tie your boots: one is laces, and the other is zippers. It would be best if you decided beforehand that which one is better for you depending upon your activities. Zippers are easy to use but not much durable, while laces may take some time but provide a perfect grip.

6. Breathability

It is one of the essential features of any boots, be it tactical or not. This feature prevents the build-up of odour and moisture, and keeps your feet dry all the time. Thus, it is excellent to have air vents or mesh lining in your boots.

7. Best Fits

If your shoes do not fit well, no matter how good it is, it will be useless. The fit and number of tactical boots differ from regular boots, and thus if you wear the socks you need a bigger size compared to your old regular boots.

When it comes to perfect fit, the first thing to keep in mind is that tactical boots always differ in fit compared to your regular shoes.

8. Advanced Technology

When boots are made using advanced technologies and machinery, they provide extra comfort and durability to its users. Thus, you must ensure that they are slip-resistant with linings, sufficient padding, and other essential and comfortable features.

9. Price

Price is a prominent factor for every person when they decide to buy the best tactical boots. Some boots can be costly but are they actually worth for it is the real question. Before you invest in these boots, you must ensure to read the reviews and features as well as compare them with others.

FAQs on Tactical Boots

1. What Is The Right Way Of Cleaning Tactical Boots?

Here is how you clean the best tactical boots

  • Remove the laces from the shoes and wash them using mild soap water.
  • Use a soft brush to remove the dust and dirt from shoes.
  • Use a wet towel and clean the grease.
  • You can use leather soap too if they don’t get cleaned from water.
  • Recondition your boots and dry them thoroughly.
  • Polish and wear.

2. How To Remove Stains From These Boots?

You can remove salt stains by using vinegar, grease using corn starch, and ink by rubbing alcohol, respectively.

3. Is The Wet Method To Break In Or Soften The Tactical Boots?

  • Soak the boots entirely in a tub.
  • Remove the water from the boots.
  • Wear two pairs of socks and wear boots.
  • Wear them for a full day and occasionally move as well.
  • Take them off and remove the insole when it is not in use.
  • Dry the boots thoroughly, and the leather turns soft and stretchable.

4. How To Make Your Tactical Boots Waterproof?

To make the boots waterproof after washing, use waterproofing oil or grease. You should always use a non-animal crude product or else it can damage the shoes. All you have to do is apply the oil or grease with your bare hands on the boots.

5. Is It Possible To Hike In Tactical Boots?

Modern tactical boots are the advanced version of army boots, and they are great for both indoors and outdoors. Thus, you can go hiking with them.

6. Are The Most Reputed Brands Of The Best Tactical Boots?

Some of the best brands of tactical boots are:

  • Under Armour
  • Merrell
  • Kombat UK

Protect Your Feet With Best Tactical Boots

All the adventure seekers and security service personnel would agree with us that they need the best shoes to perform their job. The best tactical boots are the ones that come with all most all the features you can think about your footwear.

They must be comfortable, robust, and affordable. Hence, before buying these shoes you must ensure that you have properly researched about the best one in the market

These shoes will accompany you for many years, and thus one mistake in its selection can ruin your experience and affect your performance. To save yourself from all such troubles, you can pick anyone from the list provided above.

You should also be careful about making selections based on your size and needs. So, wait no more and get your best tactical boots today.