Best Shoe Glues 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Gorilla2. Boot-Fix3. Uhu
Gorilla Best Shoe Glue




Even the most expensive shoes are subjected to tears or rip. Most of us have that one favorite shoe or sneaker that you are not ready to discard, no matter how worn or torn it is from camping or hiking.

However, wearing a torn sneaker or shoe can embarrass you socially. This problem can be easily sorted with the best shoe glues.


The best shoe glue comes handy as it can help you repair your shoe and make it look like new again. Since shoe glues come in many formulations, shapes, and sizes knowing which one is the best to use on your shoe is not a simple decision and needs careful consideration.

To help you make a better and informed decision, on the shoe glue you should consider using and how it will help your shoes look like new again, we share a few pointers and our suggestions on the best shoe glues available in the market.

Top 10 Best Shoe Glues 2020

1. Gorilla

Gorilla Best Shoe GlueIf your open shoes or sneakers have got you worried, and you don’t have the time to take them to a cobbler, then the superglue by Gorilla is something you should consider. Designed to be easy to use, this glue is a thick gel and does not run, unlike other liquid-based glues, it is non-messy to apply.

The fast setting action from 10 to 45 seconds and high impact resistance and strength make it ideal for all your shoes. It comes with a unique anti-clog cap that has a metal pin, due to which it creates an airtight seal for maximum usability. It has a thin nozzle that helps you disperse it smoothly around all the corners of the shoe that need bonding.


  • Thick formulation, for better application control.
  • Airtight cap.
  • Versatile and value for money.


  • Need to be little careful while using it, to avoid sticky hands.

2. Boot-Fix

Boot-FixOver 2,000 ratings from customers who have used it and the highly coveted “Amazon’s Choice” tag make this glue an ideal choice if you are looking for the best show glue for your damaged sneakers or shoes.

The instant bonding action which does not require any clamping is a great feature and something that professionals often look for and use. It has been formulated not to expand or dry thick, which gives a very messy appearance to the shoe.

This Flexi-bond glue has been designed for all-weather shoes and does not get affected by heat, cold, or moisture. It also does not leave any smudge on your shoe and dries clear, for a neat look on shoes of any colour and type.


  • Does not smudge or discolour fingers.
  • Can be used on all rubber and vinyl footwear with complete safety.
  • Long-lasting bond, that stays strong.


  • Needs to be used little carefully, to avoid glue sticking on fingers.

3. Uhu

UhuA strong and flexible glue that can put your shoes back together and also for other small fixes within the house. What makes it versatile and multi-purpose is the ability to use it on both porous and non-porous materials.

It is a water-resistant and transparent glue, so you can confidently use it on your favourite sneakers. You just need to apply the adhesive on one side and press both the parts together for around 5 minutes. The entire strength of the bonding will take just 24 hours to achieve.

Easy to apply, you can use this repair glue on all types of shoes and sneakers that require strong and durable bonding.


  • Suitable for rubber, textile, and even leather shoes.
  • Can withstand vibrations, shock, and temperatures from -40 C to +120 C.


  • Needs a little time to set.

4. Gorilla Superglues

Gorilla SupergluesDesigned for optimum strength and durability, the Gorilla super glue has received over 1,700 positive reviews on Amazon. It is also an “Amazon’s Choice” product, for its superior quality. The best shoe glue for all shoe repairs, it has been designed and formulated for easy application and long-lasting repairs.

This super glue dries in just 10 – 30 seconds and has been additionally reinforced with rubber that provides high impact resistance to the bonding. To ensure the durability of the glue and that it does not dry out, the manufacturers have designed an anti-clog cap, which has a metal pin inside. This helps build an airtight seal, keeping the glue dry.


  • Fast-acting glue.
  • Does not need clamping.


  • Small tube size.

5. Gorilla Glue

Gorilla GlueOne of the well-recognized brands, Gorilla Glue has maintained the high quality and superior performance of its products for many years. This product is the original Gorilla Glue, famous for its strength and versatility. It is also waterproof and resistant to high temperatures, making it an ideal bonding solution for your sneakers and other shoes.

It has a water-activated polyurethane formula which easily expands into your shoe to form a very strong bond within your shoe. It expands up to 3 times to fill in any gaps within your shoe. A good quality product, which has received over 2,000 reviews on Amazon.


  • Fast acting formula.
  • Suitable for all weather.
  • Safe for indoor and outdoor usage.


  • Needs extreme care while using.

6. Leather Assist

Leather AssistProfessional quality glue great for repairing leather and vinyl shoes, trainers, and boots. Trusted by professionals you can use it for fixing all types of rips, tears, cuts, cracks, burns, holes, and other damages in leather.

You don’t need any professional experience to use it, just clean the affected areas and then apply this strong glue in those areas and keep them together for 12 – 24 hours. Once dry you will get a strong and durable bond that will last long.

A multi-purpose glue it can also repair handbags, belts, jackets, sofas, car interiors, motorcycle leathers, and much more.


  • Multi-purpose glue.
  • Strong bonding.
  • It comes with a instruction book.


  • Needs little bit time to set properly.

7. Gorilla Thick Formula

Gorilla Thick FormulaA strong glue that has been specially designed to help build a strong lasting bond between two surfaces, making it ideal for repairing your damaged shoes, sneakers, boots, etc. They have designed it to withstand high impacts.

It does not require any clamping, and sets within 30 to 60 seconds so you can resume wearing your favourite shoe or sneakers immediately after applying it. The thick formula and consistency of this glue make it easy to apply for everybody. Has a specially designed anti-clog nozzle for long-term reusability.

An “Amazon’s Choice” product, it has 1,500 ratings by customers who have bought and reviewed the product.


  • Reinforced with increased impact resistance and strength.
  • Suitable for all types of shoes.
  • It comes with anti clog cap.


  • It is a bit small tube.

8. Loctite

LoctiteNow you can use the best super glue to repair and bond your damaged shoes with the high-quality super glue by Loctite. Not only does it offer superior long-lasting strength, but they also design it to be water, shock and temperature resistant, ensuring that the bonding it provides lasts long.

It is a solvent-free glue that dries fast. It is also transparent so you can use it with no staining or streak forming worries on your favourite sneakers and booties. Bonds with seconds on non-porous surfaces, all you need to do is use a drop wherever required.

The superglue tube is very convenient to use and open as it comes with a self-piercing cap. The cap also has a non-clogging design, so that there is no drying out situations.


  • Long lasting multi-utility glue.
  • Designed for long term durability.
  • Versatile and convenient to use.


  • The tube is little small.

9. Technicqll

TechnicqllA strong, flexible, all-weather, and impact resistant glue with 2x power for bonding and repairing your leather, rubber, felt, nylon, and leatherette fabric shoes. It is quiet easy to use and sturdy. This amazing glue is highly resistant to temperatures ranging from -30 C to +80C, so you can easily use it with no worries about the bonds opening up.

All you need to do is apply it to the damaged surfaces you want to join/repair and then keep them together for 12 hours so they form a strong, long-lasting, and durable bond.


  • Suitable for most types of shoes.
  • All weatherproof.


  • Needs 12 hours for a firm bonding.

10. Unibond

UnibondThis is a non-drip formula, high-powered glue that has been formulated with a Flextec Polymer base. You can easily use it on a range of materials. What makes this the best shoe glue, is its ability to repair all shoes, with higher durability and reliability. They have designed it to be shock and weatherproof, which makes it ideal to use on all shoes.

The non-drip formula ensures that the glue does not run and cause inconvenience while repairing your shoes. This super glue, which dries completely in 24 hours, is transparent so it won’t cause any streaks or stains on your shoe and allow you to use it discreetly.


  • Durable and long lasting glue.
  • Suitable for all weather.


  • A bigger pack would be better.

Factors To Look For When Buying Best Shoe Glue

While, some shoe glues may be suitable for leather shoes, others may be better for sneakers and have faster drying time. It is not easy to decide, the best shoe glue suitable for your shoes and its features. However, while purchasing a shoe glue, one should always consider the following factors:

1. The Drying Time

This is very important especially if you have just torn your shoes and need to repair them within minutes, so you can use them immediately. Look for the best shoe glue that can bond and repair your shoes within short time, as they are formulated with a quick drying but strong holding formula.

2. Suitability

Look for a shoe glue, that will hold the repaired surfaces together in all weather and not come apart when they come in contact with moisture, as that can be very embarrassing. A good quality glue will always be all weatherproof and be suitable even for extreme conditions.

It should also be suitable to use on all types of shoes and materials easily, with the application process being very simple to follow. Too thin glue may run down the surface and not be suitable for vertical surfaces.

In such situations, using thick glue is better and easy to apply. Glue your damaged athletic sneakers, work shoes, boots and more with this best adhesive.

3. The Bonding Strength

The glue that you use to repair or put together your shoe should be strong and highly durable, with no risk of it opening up suddenly again. Look for details about the strength factor of the adhesive in the packaging to get an idea about its strength.

A shoe glue with a strong bonding strength is considered the best shoe glue and often recommended by professionals in the field of repairing shoes.

4. Transparency

The glue you intend to use on your shoes or sneakers needs to be transparent and not leave any marks or streaks, which may highlight the repairs. The repairs you do on your shoes, need to be transparent and discreet, to not attract any unnecessary attention.

FAQs on Best Shoe Glues

1. Are Shoe Glues Safe To Use?

Yes, provided one takes care to avoid touching them to your eyes and hair, as that could cause them to stick together. If any super glue comes in contact with the hair or eyes, you may consider medical consultation to get the same examined.

2. Are Fast-acting Shoe Glues Effective?

Yes, as compared to other glues, fast-acting super glues are formulated to bond your shoes within seconds. Thus, giving them the strength to last for a long time. Some shoe glues are also designed to withstand extreme temperatures and other weather situations such as rain, snow, etc.

3. How Long Do You Need To Hold The Glued Parts, For Them To Bond?

This depends on the formulation and ingredients used in making the shoe glue. With some brands, you may need to clamp the parts together for 12 to 24 hours, while for some brands even a couple of minutes are enough.

4. Can Shoe Glues Be Used To Bond Together With Other Products, Materials?

Some of the shoe glue brands available in the market are designed to be used with different materials such as fabrics, suede, etc apart from leather and even between two different materials. Depending on the brand and the instructions mentioned on the pack, one can use them to bond together products apart from shoes, sneakers, etc.

Keep The Momentum Going With The Best Shoe Glues

Having good quality, well-maintained shoes are important for sustaining an active working and physical lifestyle, especially for people who use them a lot for their sporting activities.

It may so happen that due to constant wear and tear the shoes may sometimes come apart at the seams or soles, making them unsuitable to use.

In such scenarios, instead of keeping them aside, one can easily repair them using a shoe glue and get back on the road again. The quality and type of shoe glue you use are very important to ensure that the repairs last long and hold the shoe together really well.

Given the wide variety of shoe glues available in the market, we have put together a list of the best shoe glues you can consider for your reference.

Remember, just any shoe glue will not do and one needs to ensure that the brand or product one is buying will address your needs and concerns adequately, before making a purchase. Do consider the factors mentioned above, before deciding on the type and brand of shoe glue you should buy.