Eurostars best prices PLUS Ice points worth s

Whether it is a trip for hiking or going to the other end of the country to meet your friend or family, one of the key aspects of travel is making sure you choose the ideal mode of transport. While flights might seem like one of the best options you should consider that sometimes a different option may not only be cheaper but also more convenient.

One such option is a train. They are often faster than other options like taxi, buses etc and do not require you to go through the same hassle that’s necessary on airports.

Eurostars trains offer many travel options and discount offers / points etc. if you are interested and they can also be quite comfortable compared to buses or flights. That said, once you have got the travel sorted you should also make sure that you carry the right gear.

If it is a camping trip then a tent will be very important. Take a look at our picks for the best inflatable tents in the market right now!