Planning a hiking trip across Europe? Whether it is for hiking, camping or skiing there is one thing that you will first need to consider and that is the form of transport that you take to get to your chosen destination. Flights are the quickest way anywhere but if you are looking for something cheaper than you might want to consider something else.

Trains are an alternative that can be pretty fast and often does not have the same drawbacks and hassles of an airport. Eurostar trains are one of the most common and reliable options that you can choose from. Whether it is for a holiday or a camping trip you were planning for long, a train can be one of the most relaxing options for you.

Now that you have decided on your mode on transport it is time to make sure that you are packing in the right gear for your trip. Hiking and camping can be a lot of fun but you must make sure that you have the right gear. Boots are one of the most important pieces of gear which is why we have curated a list of the best tactical boots in the market.