Best Inflatable Tents 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Vango 2. Berghaus 3. Coleman
Vango Best Inflatable Tent




The great wilderness might intrigue some, might be spooky for others, but one factor that remains constant is the need to explore it. Camping in the jungles is a great way to rejuvenate and live a life closer to the jungles.

But to enjoy it to the best inflatable tent for camping, it’s important that you must have the right gear with you. Inflatable tents are a must-have for all the outdoor travellers.


When you are looking for the best inflatable tents, you must know what exactly to look for; this is why this guide is what you should give a read.

Here not only have we charted a few best inflatable tents that will make you enjoy your time with nature better, but also noted key factors and a few common questions to help you make the most out of your next camping trip.

Top 10 Best Inflatable Tents 2020

1. Vango

Vango Best Inflatable TentGroup travellers will find this tent to be extremely handy for the 500XL by Vango is built to accommodate at least 5 to 6 people with ease. The tent comes with three-room plans along with a patio in front to add the extra space if needed. The inflatable tent also comes with weather protection thanks to the 70D polyester fabric used that comes with a waterproofing rating.

The floors of the tent are made with waterproof sheets made of PE, and every seam boasts of factory sealing.

The Capri Air comes with air beams for support poles that make these tents considerably lighter, but it still is not ideal for just a family or group of friends unless you have the training to drag a 48.3lbs. load. It has PVC windows that have an extra panel that provides for the anti-glare darkroom feature to help you sleep better.

It is a highly ventilated tent that comes with air mesh present on the entrance door and air vent present on the porch.


  • Well-ventilated tent
  • Ideal for any season and condition
  • Supports are made of air beams with the front poles being of fibreglass
  • Affordable given the features of the tent
  • Versatile and reliable tent


  • Heavy for general use
  • Cannot be used in places experiencing hot summers

2. Berghaus

BerghausIf you are looking for family-friendly camping gear, then do check out the Berghaus Air tent. This tent can easily accommodate 4 adults with comfort. In addition, this tent is easy to set up. You can set can and break one with equal ease all that’s to the inflatable yet sturdy TPU air beams that provide the tent the core support.

The durability of the tent is impeccable owing to a flysheet of 70D thickness along with rain hood and seams that are fully taped; you get a tent that is waterproof and robust. These tents also come with a 600 mm hydrostatic head label, further proving their effectiveness in areas experiencing heavy rainfall.

The tent comes with 1 bedroom and one living room, and both these areas are spacious. Further adding to its safety is the EN 5912 rating of each material that highlights the tent’s fire-retardant properties.


  • Comes with pressure gauze and spring load that makes inflating and deflating easy
  • Waterproof tent for family camping trips
  • Velcro tidies that secures electric access points for lighting the tent
  • Excellent airflow thanks to the two-level vents and air mesh along with the door
  • Inner tent is made of 185T polyester which is breathable
  • Can be expanded with an addition of air porch


  • Some find the pegging to be hard

3. Coleman

ColemanCamping is not just exploring nature but also sharing stories during meal times and feeling a sense of solidarity. This tent by Coleman can easily accommodate 6 people, and will give you the comfort of home while you are outdoors.

The tent is a pleasing green colour space that can be inflated in minutes thanks to the manometer and pump that comes with the tent. The deflating process is equally easy. The 5 inflatable poles that form the core support of the camp just needs to be pumped via the air valves present, and your tent is ready in a matter of minutes.

This tent is easy to set up; it takes just 10 minutes for you set up this tent. It is made with good quality fabric that provides you protection against UV rays.

The PE floors provide another layer of protection from water that can seep in from the ground, and all the materials are sealed at the seams with zero chance of leaks. The bedrooms come with blackout windows that also help with the regulation of the inner temperature.

You also get some extra storage space to keep your everyday essentials. Moreover, this tent can easily withstand heavy rain and wind. So, you are completely safe when you are out there.


  • Easily inflatable 5 air beams with air pump
  • Blackout windows keep temperature cooler during the summer camping
  • Hinged door for easy entry/exit
  • Tested to withstand 4000 mm column of water
  • Fabrics are not only waterproof but also fire retardant
  • Comes with a carry bag and pump


  • Customer aftersales service is not too great
  • Pump needs to be made of better quality

4. Kampa

KampaKnown as one of the best inflatable tents manufacturers across the country and a favourite of seasoned campers, Kampa brings out its best with Hayling 4 Classic. The setting up of the tents lives up to its name. All you need to do is to simply need to peg the inflatable airpoles, pump them up with air, and your 4 person tent is ready.

Ideal for small families, this tent comes with zippered partitioning between compartments to offer the privacy one requires. The partition can be rolled up to provide for one large area for gathering and enjoying a meal while discussing the day.

The tent features one main door and two side doors with air mesh to provide for better ventilation along with easy access to the living area. The upper fabric is made of polyester and cotton blend material that offers great waterproofing. The material also offers excellent breathability to help maintain comfort.


  • Comes with trademark Sleep-Tite material that offers darkened windows keeping the light out
  • Comes with deep canopy on the front door to make more room
  • External valves on the poles that enables easy inflation and deflation
  • Poles are flexible and strong
  • Polycotton fabric ensures reduced sound and light entry inside
  • 12V cable entry points for adding lights inside the tent


  • On the expensive side
  • Manual pump makes inflation a bit of a workout

5. Easy Camp

Easy CampFor people looking at basic and functional camping tents, they can give the Easy Camp’s Tempest 600 a try. This tent is spacious enough to accommodate 6 people. It has two bedrooms with a divider, thus giving you complete privacy. This grey tent is ideal for range identification comes with a tunnel design.

The support poles are three air tubes that are easy to inflate with the hand pump. Lighter than other tents of lesser space out there, this inflatable tent boasts of a spacious living area with one front door and one side door for better access to the living area.

The windows are large and have the option to be curtained when you are signing out for the night. The outer flysheet is made from PU coated polyester that comes with 190T thread count offering great waterproofing and is fire retardant.

The PE floor, along with a polyester inner tent, makes the space breathable and free from condensation. The sealed seams make this tent completely resistant to water and high wind. The whole tent has taped seams and sewn groundsheet for better temperature control. So, if you are planning for an outdoor trip, this is the right tent for you.


  • Waterproof and fire retardant tent
  • Practical design for a no-fuss setup
  • Airtubes are easy to inflate and deflate with the air valves
  • Affordable and ergonomic design to accommodate 6 people with ease


  • The airtubes tends to leak easily

6. Neumayer

NeumayerPeople planning to take up camping as part of your work, you need to have a place that provides you with the space to regroup, discuss, and decide on the further course of action. This is one of the reasons you should opt for Neumayer’s Fiji series that comes with an XXL inflatable tent capable of housing up to 6 people at a time.

You get three separate sleeping sections along with a common lounge area. With a standing height of 2 meter the tent is spacious along with being functional. The framework is made of two crossed air poles that are made of TPU and are inflatable along with 3 polymer frames for better stability.

The installation is automatic with an air pump and a manometer for quick inflation of the tent. The outer fabric is a blend of taffeta and polyester that makes the tent look great and be waterproof and fire retardant.

It is also coated with PU and silicon that offers better waterproofing, and sealed seams keep the insides dry and comfortable. Moreover, this tent also prevents the harmful UV rays from penetrating inside the tent so that you are completely safe.

If you are looking for a good quality tent that is spacious and also keeps you protected from wind, rain, and sun rays, then this is the right choice for you.


  • Easy to set up and deflate
  • Three separate sleeping chambers with zippered doors
  • Comes with 5 vents for better ventilation, along with mosquito nets
  • Opaque external covering for better light control
  • Lounge has covered ventilation on the top
  • Sleep cabins are properly ventilated with no ground fixtures


  • Requires 2 people for setup
  • Single door to each section makes accessing sleeping areas difficult

7. Outwell

OutwellConsidered to be one of the best inflatable tents out there, this 3+2 sleeping area tube tent is ideal for families who decide to go camping suddenly. The Up+Away from Outwell is spacious and ergonomically designed. Also, this tent is well within the price range for people looking for a tent that will withstand all sorts of weather and camping grounds.

The tent comes with its trademark Rigid Air Frame System. It includes three inflatable tubes for better structural integrity that also comes with a rating of Aerodynamic Storm Protection 9. This means that storms will not break the poles apart, simply bend the tent to bear the pressure and speed.

The Outex 3000 flysheet is trademarked and made of taffeta polyester blend that makes the tent water repellent and fire retardant. The seams are taped for better micro-climate management, and the breathable inner polyester tent helps keep everyone comfortable. So, it’s a good purchase for all the outdoor enthusiasts.


  • Ideal for every weather
  • Comfortable and spacious tent for 5 people
  • Easy to set up and pull down
  • Lighter than other tents
  • Comes with curtains and darkened inners for better light control
  • Has a cable entry point to light up the tent
  • Comes with a carry bag


  • Some find the interiors to be too warm for summer use
  • Inflation pump provided needs to be made of better quality

8. Pavillo

PavilloSpeed and ease are what you get when you opt to buy this 4 adults accommodating camping tent from Pavillo. The tunnel design tent comes with two bedrooms, one storage area, and one living area. The supporting poles are made of TPU and are inflatable that makes setting up the tent in 8 minutes.

The zippered nylon covers ensure further safety and rigidity of the poles. The outer fabric is made of polyester fibre with a 190T rating and a 5000 mm hydrostatic head that provides great waterproofing. The taped seams also prevent condensation from forming within the tent, thus keeping you comfortable.

The polyethylene groundsheet offers great insulation to keep you cosy no matter what the weather outside is. The tent comes with fluorescent guy ropes that are easy to see and collect using a guy rope system.

Pavillo’s inflatable tents are a great choice if you are looking for a product that can guarantee you safety and security while you are out in the wilderness.


  • Spacious and well-insulated tent
  • Lightweight and affordable
  • Comes with a carry bag and inflating pump
  • Easy to set up and pack away thanks to the inflatable airframe
  • Comes with a storage space having four pockets for easy access to emergency items
  • Waterproof materials and breathable inner tent


  • Does not come with a sewn-in groundsheet

9. Bessport

BessportBackpacking and trekking is not the ideal situation to be lugging around a 20 lbs tent unless you are going with a trekking group with people taking turns carrying it. The Bessport’s lightweight tents weigh about 4 lbs and can easily accommodate two people.

The space in the tent is enough for you to stretch your hands in a seated position, but then backpackers do not spend hours sitting and standing in their tents, do they? With a setup time of 150 seconds, this fit for all weather tent comes with a waterproof 68D polyester fabric and welded oxford floor.

The interior is spacious to also store in your gears. The seals are sealed using heat to provide better waterproofing and insulation. The poles are made to be wind resistant so that the tent will not break apart.


  • Lightweight, durable, and affordable tents
  • Ideal for solo trekking and backpacking
  • Easy to carry and store
  • Comes with outer panels for privacy
  • Two-way zipper on the entrance for easy entry/exit
  • Wind resistant frame that does not break apart
  • Taped seams for better water resistance


  • Does not prevent condensation

10. Berghaus Air 8

Berghaus Air 8People looking to get away from the daily commotion of life and reconnect with their family or friends should opt for camping. This lightweight and easy to set up tent is a great aid for all the camping lovers. Berghaus provides an 8 person tunnel design tent.

This tent comes with one spacious living room and two pre-attached bedrooms. The inflatable air poles provide for a rigid framework, yet it is easy to inflate and deflate that makes camping a breeze.

The outer waterproof fabric is made from 700D polyester with a rainhood and 6000mm hydrostatic head. The inner tent is made of 185R polyester that makes it breathable and free from condensation.

The seams are taped, and the groundsheet to is taped in preventing water from seeping inside the tent. Carrying the tent is easy as it comes with a wheeled carry bag. If you still haven’t purchased a tent till now, or are looking for a good quality tent, then this is the right choice for you.


  • Easy to deflate with spring-loaded air valves that can be operated with a button
  • Provides for darkened rooms to keep rooms cool when required
  • Meshed doors with low and high-level vents for better air circulation
  • Comes with large windows with curtains made of polycotton
  • Space below windows comes with an organizer
  • Living room has 5 pocket storage space


  • Not ideal for mountain climbing or backpacking

Factors To Look For When Buying Best Inflatable Tent

When you go out to camp, you want to enjoy the scenery, work a bit, and have the time of your life. Even if you are undergoing a survival situation, setting up camp and breaking one plays a vital role in your chances of staying alive in the wilderness.

While there are no werewolves and vampires that will attack you at night, mosquitoes care bloodthirsty enough to give any vampire a run for the money. When you are looking forward to buying the best inflatable tents, you need to check certain factors that will help you buy a long-lasting tent. These factors are:

1. Setup Speed

When you are buying a tent, you need to be sure that you should not be spending hours setting it up, and then more hours when packing it up. The setup speed or the inflation and deflation time should be factored in when buying an inflatable tent.

You also need to ensure that you should be able to set up the tent alone. The crux of the matter is that setting up a tent should be an easy process. Opt for tents that are made of air beams throughout. This makes the process of inflating easier. Similarly, when you are deflating you need not worry about damaging the poles.

2. Stability

Since inflatable tents are not fixed like regular tents, many deem them to be unstable. While not all tents are able to bear windy conditions, there are tents that come with an aerodynamic stability rating that makes them highly stable no matter how windy the day gets.

The poles simply bend a bit to allow the wind to pass over then thus preventing breakage. If you are a newbie to these tents, they might seem like they will collapse on you, but it’s absolutely safe.

3. Design And Layout

The highlight of these inflatable tents is the design. These are pre-attached sections that simply need to be set out, have the pump attached to the air valves, and inflate them. You need not deal with messy and confusing setup guides and insert the wring peg at the wrong place and need to redo it again.

The stability of these inflatable tents is good, and the design often enhances its stability. The layout, too not only makes more space but also aids with the stability of the tent.

4. Size

These tents come in various shapes and sizes. The size of the tent is defined by the number of users. For example, you should look at one-person tent, two-people, or four-people tent. Also, you need to consider the fact that the tent should be lighter in weight so that you can easily carry it along with you.

The size also determines the ease of portability, so before you buy, make sure you consider your travel destinations properly.

5. Durability

When you are spending a good amount of money on something, you want it to last for a long time, and this can be ensured when you take stock of the materials used for the tent construction.

Even though these inflatable tents are considerably lighter than their traditional counterparts, high-quality construction materials, and seam locking determine the functionality and durability.

Opt for tents that are made of high-quality polyester of 700D and above. Look for taped seams and make sure that the groundsheets are sewn in. This will make the tent truly waterproof without letting condensation seep in.

6. Extra Features

Having tents that have windows often offer you the tranquillity to sit in your sleeping bag and look out at the rising sun or simply feel one with nature without disturbing your partners.

Additionally, it is a good idea for the tent to have dedicated storage space with pockets so that you can keep emergency supplies like first aid kits and water bottles handy. Also, look for companies that provide you the complete kit include guy lines wrapped neatly inside a carry bag.

FAQs on Inflatable Tents

1. Should I Opt For Conventional Tents Or The Inflatable Ones?

The choice is entirely yours. If you are a seasoned camper and like to go old-school then by all mean you can get the traditional tent. With the inflatable tent, you often get added benefits like zippered doors, partitions, and extra storage space that make your camping experience a memorable one.

Also, these tents are set up in less than 15 minutes, which allows you to have more time to enjoy your vacation.

2. Does An Inflatable Tent Lose Air At Night?

Technically, no unless your inflatable air poles are sporting a leak. These tents are made to withstand all sorts of temperature and pressure conditions; thus, losing air due to a drop in night temperature will not be possible. If you notice such issues, take time out to check the poles and find the puncture to repair it immediately.

3. Can I Rely On An Inflatable Tent?

Yes, these tents are made to not only last but also be functional and useful. Many scientific expeditions rely on such tents to not only provide them with a place to sleep but also work if needed.

4. Do I Need To Purchase A Pump?

Many companies provide the complete kit when you are making the purchase, which includes a pump. Look for the section that highlights what comes in the package. Also, you can make inquiries at the customer care to get a better idea and make the purchase accordingly.

5. Which Material Is Best For Waterproofing The Inflatable Tent?

Always look for polyester or polyester-taffeta blend materials, for these are highly waterproof and fire retardant. Additionally, you can put a coat of silicon on your tent to increase its water-resistant powers.

Best Inflatable Tents – Conclusion

Camping is an exercise that not only helps us relax but to also rejuvenate ourselves. The lack of distraction and seeing new places with loved ones is a feeling that will stay with you forever. Opting for the best inflatable tents, you not only find some comfort in the unknown place but also get protection from environmental elements.

Make sure that you choose a good quality inflatable tent such that it lasts longer and also provides you protection. Following this guide, you are sure to make a purchase that will help you make memories for a lifetime.