This is how it works...


Register your Mastercard credit card for free – any rewards you already get on the cards will work as normal. Ice points are on top.


Simply pay for items from our retailers with a registered Mastercard and your purchases are tracked automatically. As more retailers come on board, you’ll get more rewards whenever you shop with them.


When you make a purchase with one of our retailers, you’ll get an email or text. If you don’t already have points, you’ll automatically collect points on the purchase. If you have points click the link and spend as many as you want. If you decide not to spend points you’ll collect instead.

Money back

When you spend points and any returns period from the retailer has passed, you’ll see your Ice discount as money back on your credit card bill.

Feel good

You’re doing your bit by using Ice, as we only work with retailers that do their bit for the environment. Our chartered environmentalist validates each retailer and their environmental credentials are published on this website.