Spending Ice Points
How do I Spend Ice Points?
How can I spend Ice points?

You can spend any amount of Ice points you have with most retailers that are part of the programme. Once your points have been posted to your Ice account (after any pending period), you can spend them straight away. 

There are a few different ways you can spend points with different retailers. Please make sure you read the "How Ice Works" section on each individual retailer page to see how you spend your points.

To see how to spend your Ice points with using your registered Mastercard, please click here.

How do I spend Ice points with John Lewis & Partners and M&S?

When spending your Ice points with either M&S or John Lewis & Partners, you must use your points to purchase an online discount code in set denominations of £1, £5, £10 and £25 for M&S and £5, £10 and £25 for John Lewis & Partners.You can then use your discount code right away. Simply follow the steps below:

  1. To purchase a discount code click "Shop & Spend" points on the M&S or John Lewis & Partners retailer page on myice.com and ensure that you're logged in to your Ice account 
  2. In the box that appears choose a denomination from the menu and select "Get my discount code"
  3. Make a note of the two codes 
  4. The M&S or John Lewis & Partners website will open in a new window. When you've added all your items to your shopping basket, proceed to the checkout. 
  5. When you get to payment, select that you wish to use a gift card/voucher. This will open new fields for you to enter your two codes. For John Lewis & Partners you must identify whether you have an e-voucher or e-gift card. If you have an e-gift card, you will have a 19 character card number and a 4 character pin. If you have an e-voucher, you will have a 7 character security code and a 10 character serial number.
  6. Then select "Apply", please remember to shop with M&S and John Lewis & Partners via myice.com to ensure your order is tracked.

Please note you can only buy one discount code per transaction. A new discount code can only be purchased once the previous code has been spent and a successfully tracked transaction has been authorised.

Can I use my Ice points as part payment to my purchase?

Yes, you can mix Ice points with cash/card payment to get a discount on your purchase.

Why can't I spend my Ice points with all retailers?

Some of our retailers are collect only, but many you can still spend your Ice points with. To see a full list of all the retailer's you can spend your Ice points with, please click here.

How do I spend Ice points with farm shops?

Firstly, ensure your Ice card is fully registered to your account on myice.com. Then to spend points for a discount, simply hand over your Ice card at the till before you pay. You will be told the points you have available to spend and the discount you can receive. Note – you do not have to spend all of your points. You may only want to spend enough points to get your double points discount and leave the remainder in your Ice account. The farm shop will tell you how many points you need to spend to get the best value double points discount.

If you have any other difficulties, please contact Ice Customer Services at customerservices@myice.com quoting your full name, email address that is registered to your Ice account or Ice card number and home postcode or call 01892 800380.

Can I purchase more than one discount code with John Lewis & Partners/M&S?

At this time, customers can only purchase one online discount code at a time with John Lewis & Partners and M&S.

You can only purchase another online discount code, one you have made a successful purchase using your existing online discount code via the Ice website. Please allow for any returns periods to pass before you purchase your next online discount code.

What are double Ice points?

Every time you spend with an Ice retailer, we double some of your Ice points to be worth 2p instead of 1p. This varies for each retailer and your transaction value. We’ll tell you how many points are doubled to 2p on each retailer page, with retailers in The Ice Loyalty Programme with Mastercard it is calculated when you click on "Spend" against each retailer transaction in your Ice statement within "Mastercard transactions pending".

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