Registering My Mastercard
When do I need to register my Mastercard?

You need to register your Mastercard credit card(s) before you make a purchase with a retailer on that is part of the Ice Loyalty Programme with Mastercard.

How do I register my Mastercard?

If you have already joined Ice - to register your Mastercard credit card, login to your Ice account and add your Mastercard credit card(s) in "My Ice account" under "My Mastercard(s)". To login and register your Mastercard credit card, please click the following link: Register my Mastercard credit card. If you haven't joined Ice yet - If you’re a new customer, you need to Join Ice and then register your Mastercard credit card. We’ll take care of this within the joining process. To join, please click the following link: Join Ice

Do I have to register a Mastercard?

No, you don't have to register a Mastercard to be an Ice customer unless you want to collect and spend points with retailers that have a Mastercard logo on our retailer page. You only need to register your Mastercard credit card once.

Can I register more than one Mastercard?

Yes – you can add as many of your Mastercard credit cards as you like. You can even add your partner’s card, but please make sure they’re happy for you to go ahead. To add Mastercard credit cards to your Ice account, login and go to the My Mastercard(s) option in your Ice account.

Can I register any Mastercard?

The majority of Mastercard credit cards can be registered with the exception of some prepaid cards. You cannot register a Mastercard debit card.

I want to register my Mastercard but I don't have a mobile number?

Unfortunately you will not be able to register your Mastercard without a valid mobile number.

My Mastercard is already part of a loyalty scheme; can I still register with Ice?

Yes you can register your Mastercard with Ice too. With Ice you can collect and spend Ice points on top of any discounts or rewards you already receive with your Mastercard credit card.

Can I register a Mastercard that is not in my name?

Yes you can register a Mastercard that is not in your name; however you will need the cardholder's permission to do so. Please note that a Mastercard can only be registered to one Ice account.

I can't register my Mastercard, what do I do?

Please check that the Mastercard credit card you are trying to register is not already registered to an Ice account. Once a Mastercard credit card has been registered to an Ice account it cannot be registered to another; even if it has since been deleted.

If you believe that your Mastercard credit card has not been registered to any Ice account please contact Ice Customer Services at quoting your full name, email address that is registered to your Ice account and home postcode or call 01892 800380.

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