My Mastercard Details
How do I update my Mastercard?

First of all, login to your Ice account and click on "My Mastercard(s)". You’ll see a list of all your registered cards and have the option to delete a card or edit the expiry date or memorable name for your card. Names for cards make it easier to identify the cards you’ve registered i.e. husband’s card, Lloyd’s Mastercard. You’ll also see any details of previously deleted Mastercard credit cards for your records.You can also delete expired or old registered Mastercard credit cards and add new Mastercard credit cards in your Ice account under the My Mastercard(s) option.

My Mastercard was lost/stolen; what do I do?

If you lose the Mastercard credit card registered to your Ice account, cancel the card with your issuing bank. Once the card has been cancelled, delete it from "My Mastercard(s)" in your Ice account.

My Mastercard credit card account is closed; what do I do?

If you close your Mastercard credit card account before your Ice refund has been posted, then the refund will be rejected. We’ll try to resolve this issue with you, but if that’s not possible, you’ll collect Ice points on that transaction instead. Any Ice points spent will be credited back to your Ice account.

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