Joining Ice
Terms & Conditions
Is there a charge to having an Ice account?

No, there is not a charge. Your Ice account is free.

Are Ice points guaranteed?

We cannot guarantee that all transactions will collect Ice points as it is dependent on the terms of the arrangement with have with each individual retailer. Details of any qualifying terms are always explained on the retailer’s page on

Can I shop with Ice and have my goods delivered overseas?

The delivery of goods outside the UK will be determined by the standard delivery guidelines of the retailer. Please refer to their individual delivery policy.

Why can't I shop with some retailers using the Safari web browser?

The default settings in Safari do not support our tracking, so you cannot collect and spend Ice points with some retailers.To shop with these retailers you need to use a different browser or change your browser settings. You can choose from one of the options below:

  • Change browser settings
  • Download Firefox*
  • Download Google Chrome

If you choose to download Firefox or Google Chrome, once your new browser has been installed, go to using Firefox or Google Chrome and you’ll be able to collect and spend Ice points with any Ice partner.

What if I don't agree to your terms and conditions?

If you do not agree to the Ice terms and conditions, unfortunately you will not be able to join Ice.

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