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Love your Ice points this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to make your loved one feel special this year.

You could go all out with a romantic getaway or just keep it simple with classic flowers and chocolates. If you’re struggling for ideas this year, we’ve got plenty of options to inspire you.


Who doesn’t love a bit of old romance? The tried and tested gifts never fail to impress, and heart shaped chocolates, wine sets, roses and lingerie might be cliché, but they work. M&S and John Lewis have a huge offering this year, to make sure you find that something special. 


Creating new memories is a great way to really show your romantic side. John Lewis stocks over 100 Red Letter Day Experiences. So whether they’re a thrill seeker or a foodie, you can be sure you’ll find an experience they’ll love.


If you want to go all out this year, why not consider a romantic getaway? Whether you’re looking for a special place to pop the question, or you simply want some quality  alone time, a mini-break is the perfect choice. Thomson and First Choice have got some great deals on weekend breaks, from city classics NYC and Dubai to new favourites like Reykjavik.


It’s always nice to show that you care, and hopefully we’ve given you some ideas to make it a Valentine’s you won’t forget. Any Valentine’s presents you buy this year with Ice, you’ll earn free Ice points, so might be able to get yourself a little something too!

A makeover for beauty products- Waitrose

Who knew brushing your teeth or cleansing your face could harm the environment? It doesn’t need to, but it all depends on the kinds of products we use, and microbeads are the enemy when it comes to our health & beauty products.

So what makes these microbeads so harmful for the environment?

Microbeads aren’t biodegradable and are too small to be captured in our waste water facilities, so they end up in our lakes, rivers and oceans. Fish then accidently ingest the beads. This is harmful to our marine life as plastic contains and absorbs chemicals. This is also harmful to our health as these fish often end up on our plates and we ultimately ingest the microbeads too. Who knew something so small could be so harmful?

Retailers are beginning to make changes to our daily beauty regime, to help the environment.

Waitrose has announced 2 key initiatives to reduce plastics in its health & beauty ranges. By September 2016 no branded cosmetic products will contain microbeads. (With own retailer products never containing any.) On top of this Waitrose is the first supermarket to announce the changes of its own label cotton wool buds from plastic to paper- saving around 2 tonnes of plastic each year. They are also looking to see how they can reduce plastics across their ranges whilst ensuring the additional costs of their hard work are not passed onto the customer.

Small changes from big retailers like Waitrose, mean we can all make better choices in our beauty regime and help support the environment. 

Love Food Hate Waste

Did you know that the average family could save £700 a year by throwing away less. WRAP is an organisation gives advice to businesses' on combating food waste by providing tips on how to keep food fresher for longer to advice on date labels.

Good food packaging protects food from getting damaged and keeps it fresher for longer, ultimately reducing food waste. Ever thought about why some packaging has tiny holes pierced into it? Like the lidding film on a punnet of strawberries or the microscopic holes on croissant packaging. It has all been carefully thought out and actually increases shelf life by several days.

Leading sustainability retailer M&S works closely with WRAP to help reduce food waste when deciding on the packaging of their products, and they have launched two campaigns with the aim to educate customers on reducing food waste.

The fresher for longer campaign helped to prevent food waste by ensuring products are stored correctly. M&S ran a series of events in their stores and updated their packaging to make it clearer for customers to know which products can be frozen.

Their love food, hate waste project has seen M&S working with local authorities and in stores, running events to raise awareness about food waste as well as funding cookery classes. They also ran a large event in the city centre offering tips and inspiration on food that’s past its best.

Since 2007, M&S has been working on making packaging as recoverable and recyclable as possible. They have reduced food packaging by 30% of which over 85% of the packaging is recyclable. The hard work doesn’t stop there M&S are always looking into ways to reduce food waste in line with their “Plan A” scheme.

The Latest Waitrose advert: from a cow’s eye view

We love the latest Waitrose campaign and who wouldn’t?... It’s been filmed by a cow!

Highlighting the care that Waitrose farmers have for their animals, the creative cow behind the camera Mo, catches everyday life on the farm.

Waitrose is the only supermarket able to guarantee that all cows that provide the stores milk and cream has access to grazing. A tiny lightweight camera has been attached to Mo’s health monitor -which tracks that she is getting enough grazing and chewing time. 

 Live footage from Mo and some of her friends, will be shown from some of the UK’s busiest railway stations. Where commuters will be able to watch film from three different locations on the farm to show real farms in action and how real food is produced. The live footage which is also available on YouTube, will be turned into daily ads for 7 days, so you can catch all the day’s highlights.

Part of Waitrose’s mantra is that they only work with Farmers they know and trust. Rather than tell people how high their standards are, Waitrose wants to show them.

Well done Mo!

What better way to start the New Year than by booking a holiday?!

What better way to start the New Year than by booking a holiday?! Christmas is well and truly over and there’s not much on the horizon. The weather is cold and wet, and we are all feeling like we need something to help pick us up.

It is no secret that booking in advance saves you money and First Choice have some great deals including deposits from as low as £75pp Save up to £400 per couple with First Choice and then an extra £40 per adult by using the discount code SALE40 with both Thomson and First Choice who are also offering 1000s of free kid’s places. As well as these great money saving deals you can collect on average £25* worth of free Ice points when you make your holiday booking online with Thomson or First Choice. Secure the best deals with exclusive discounts when you book online.

Whether you are looking for some last minute winter-sun or a summer 2016 getaway, Thomson and First Choice have some great money saving deals.

With something to suit everyone, you are sure to find your perfect getaway. From all inclusive and family holidays to luxury and long haul trips and even villa or cruise deals.

*£25 worth of Ice points based on an average holiday cost of £2500 with Thomson or First Choice online, when booked via the Ice website. Collecting 1 Ice point for every £1 spent.