About Ice

Partner Selection Criteria

As part of the Ice promise we guarantee that we will only work with retailers that are doing their bit for the environment. From big companies to small local farm shops, we check everyone’s sustainability credentials, so you don’t have to.

We believe it’s important to be open and transparent about how this assessment process works. 

We aim to offer you the customer a breadth of choice and as such we work with a huge variety of businesses across many sectors. These businesses face lots of different environmental issues and consequently there is no “one size fits all solution” to assess the environmental practices of these businesses.

Many of the smaller retailers we work with were founded with an environmental purpose and continue to demonstrate through their practices and operations that strong environmental principles are ingrained in their business. With these retailers, the reason for inclusion in the Ice programme is clear.

When considering the suitability of large retailers the assessment process and rationale used to decide on inclusion is, as expected, more complex. 

We believe that the Ice programme can deliver the most significant environmental benefit by engaging mass consumer purchase power across a broad range of partners. 

To achieve this aim it’s important that we are inclusive rather than exclusive in our approach to partner selection.  We don’t expect our partners to be environmentally perfect but instead expect our partners to demonstrate a clear and genuine commitment to reducing the environmental impact of their activities. 

By being inclusive in our partner selection we will ensure our customers are offered a breadth of choice meaning more of their wallet can be spent with retailers doing their bit for the environment. Large brands are an important component of this.

When determining the suitability of large retailers we consider how the environmental practices at the candidate business compare with the practices of competitors in its sector.

To enable us to compare like for like retailers, the Ice environmental research team have established sector protocols.  

The first section of each protocol introduces the key environmental impacts relevant to the sector, and provides examples of processes retailers can use and standards they can adopt to monitor, measure and mitigate their impact. The second section provides the criteria framework which is used to assess their business.

Every large retailer we contract with has been assessed against the protocol for the sector in which they operate.  The assessment uses publically available data which is then supplemented by information provided by the retailer.  The results allow us to create an overview of performance across the sector and we only work with those retailers that score well against the criteria.

The results of each retailer’s assessment are used to populate the environmental credentials tab on the partner’s page on myice.com.   

We hope this method ensures a clear, consistent, transparent policy and allows our customers to be confident that we have remained true to our promise to “only work with businesses doing their bit for the environment”

We regularly review and update the sector protocols to ensure they are in line with current scientific thinking.